Unveiled: A New Action Camera from Olympus, the TG-Tracker


Already renowned for its Tough point-and-shoot cameras, Olympus brings out a new player in the action-cam market, the TG-Tracker. Proudly brandishing the Olympus Tough designation, the TG-Tracker is waterproof to depths of 100' without an underwater housing. It’s also impervious to crushing up to 220 lbf, shock proof from up to 7' of freefall in Earth’s gravity, freezing down to 14°F, and dust. But let’s not get carried away and forget that this is a video camera. Built into the thick protective exterior chassis is a powerful back side illuminated UHD 4K sensor that captures video at up to 30 fps. 60, 120, or even 240 fps video can also be captured, albeit at lower resolutions.

Whether capturing expansive vistas or tight crawl spaces on your adventures, the 204-degree wide-angle lens will capture everything going on in front of the camera, and even a little on the sides. The side tilt-out LCD comes in handy when checking your framing, or for simple confidence monitoring. Above the lens is an LED headlight for illuminating particularly dark areas, complementing the lens’s fast f/2.0 aperture to capture clean images in dimly lit environments.

A great feature for adventurers is the ability for the TG-Tracker to log data from the various sensors embedded in the camera body. When activated, LOG mode records the data from the GPS, compass, accelerometer, thermometer, and barometer. The metrics from the sensors can then be played back and viewed on Olympus Track 2.0 software, after your adventure concludes.

Whether you’re surfing, climbing, kayaking, spelunking, diving, or just looking for some extra durability in a camera, the TG-Tracker is sure to record your exciting adventures in sharp UHD 4K resolution. So if you are a beginner or a pro looking to start making videos of your own, be sure to check out the Olympus TG-Tracker.



Doe it have the Zoom in and out feature?

Hi Philip -

This camera does NOT offer an optical zoom lens.  Here are the lens details:

Focal Length:  1.58 mm

35mm Equivalent Focal Length:  13.9mm

 Maximum Aperture:  f/ 2

Focusing Distance:  7.9" / 20.0 cm

Angle of View:   204°                                                                                                              

Is the lens is a fisheye, or a normal rectlinear wide-angle?

Olympus doesn’t specifically call the Stylus Tough TG-Tracker Action Camera’s lens a fisheye, though it does appear to have significant distortion on the edges. 

I believe it's called spherical aberration.

Hi Robert -

There is no optical image stabilization. Olympus has gone with an electronic (digital) 5-axis image stabilization.

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