Unveiled: Nikon Enters the Action Camera Market with the KeyMission 360


In the midst of the excitement surrounding the announcement of its new flagship DSLR, the D5, Nikon has surprised the world with the announcement of its first-ever action camera, the KeyMission 360. The first entry into what will be a new family of action cameras, the KeyMission 360 is a compact and rugged camera that captures full 360-degree video and photos in 4K UHD resolution, allowing users to relive and share their adventures from every angle.

In order to capture 360-degree content, the KeyMission 360 features image sensors and lenses on two sides of the device, which are then combined into a single video or photo. With a construction that is dustproof, waterproof to depths of 100', and shockproof from drops of 6.6', the camera is also built to withstand the elements and go wherever the action takes you. While information is still limited, Nikon has revealed that the camera features electronic Vibration Reduction (VR) that can be enabled to help reduce the effects of shakes and jitters that can plague body and vehicle-mounted action footage. Markings on the camera body also indicate that the camera will offer Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, presumably for remote monitor, control, and sharing via your mobile device.

The KeyMission 360 shows not only the growing influence of action cameras, but the rise of 360-degree and VR content. Nikon will look to shake up those industries by bringing its known optics and imaging expertise into the mix. The camera will be on display at Nikon’s booth at CES 2016, and is planned for a Spring 2016 release, alongside a variety of dedicated accessories.


Resolution and price that justifies jumping into this niche. Otherwise why reward Nikon and punish GoPro or the others that saw this market years ago. I'm just crazy enough to buy something I can't get today, especially in resolution. How about a little remote zoom capability?

Wow - way to go Nikon! I'm currently using the Ricoh Theta S for VR and Video Game Backgrounds    Or a d800 on a GigaPan. The market needs a camera like this that can shoot 360 still image exposure brackets in raw! Or better yet, stack the images in camera and write out a floating point .exr file. Every CGI/VFX artist on the planet would want one! Go get it Nikon!

is the lens hermetically sealed with nitrogen or is it going to fog up underwater? more details please.

Nikon is  yet to release some of the more detailed specifications such as this.  Presumably it is sealed with nitrogen, however we will not be able to confirm until Nikon release more information on it in the future.  Stay tuned for updates here or on the product link for the camera on our website. 

If it's light enough it could be amazing mounted to a drone like the Dji inspire 1


Hope it's more waterproof than the Nikon AW 1.

Exact pricing and availability have yet to be determinted. Once it has been announced that information will be reflected on the pre-order website found here: http://bhpho.to/22N35UD.

Specs?  Frame rates?  No info here to compete in a tight market.

And it better not list for $1200 or some absurd number like that.

Right,it needs specs,and a fair price!!!

$12,000 is more likely.  I bought my first and only Nikon digital camera in 2004, a D70, I am back to film cameras and a scanner.

Unfortunately Nikon is currently skant on many of the details about the camera.  They will be releasing more information in the spring and as they do, we will update the link for the camera on our website.

I never understood why they got rid of the Nikonos system. Most serous photographers had an underwater housing camera and a Nikonos. Not for nothing I am still waiting for my 300mm f4.0 vr lens that I ordered in Nov. 

I’m not sure why Nikon decided to terminate its Nikonos line.  The timing did correspond with the rise of digital DSLRs, though I don’t know if this is simply coincidence.  As for your lens order, I would suggest contacting our Customer Service Department.  They would be the best resource for checking on the status of an order. 


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