Unveiled: Panasonic HX-A500 — 4K from Your Point of View


Panasonic has announced a new wearable point-of-view camera, the Panasonic HX-A500, another contender in the rapidly growing field of action camcorders such as the GoPro and Sony Action Cam. The HX-A500 brings to the table (or river or mountain) features such as high quality 4K recording using the Crystal Engine Pro+ engine, so that your memories are not plagued by low resolution or missing frames; Level Shot and Image Stabilizing suppress blurring and ensure that even tilted shots are always easy to see.

In order to compete with the many environments in which you’ll be shooting, the video camera allows underwater recording for 30 minutes at 9 feet (3 m), and is dust resistant, so you can use it when conditions get a little gritty.

This small, lightweight camcorder features a main unit that is about the size of a small MP3 player, which contains a built-in LCD viewing panel so you can check on your work as you’re filming, and you control functions (like editing on the fly) via a mini joystick. The camera itself (which weighs only 31 g) is attached by an integrated cable and ends in a mic-sized unit that can be attached to your helmet, baseball cap, or almost anywhere with any number of other accessory mounts (sold separately). The HX-A500 allows true POV filming, seeing what the wearer is seeing, bringing you full force into the experiences of the wearer. The main unit is so small and inconspicuous that you can easily attach it to a strap on your backpack while filming, or clip it to your belt. You can even record slow-motion HD-quality videos.

"...so live relays of your footage can be seen anywhere in the world."

The HX-A500 also includes Wi-Fi features that allow you to share your videos with others. You can let family and friends view your videos across the Web or through social media sites with a few simple steps. You can also control the camera remotely with a smartphone or tablet, and it supports NFC (near-field communications), so you can share your videos with an NFC-enabled device, with one tap. The camera’s Wi-Fi also allows for real-time broadcasting, so live relays of your footage can be seen anywhere in the world. 

If you feel it’s time to get up and go outside to experience all that life has to offer, consider taking along the small and lightweight HX-A500 as a traveling companion. It will help you keep track of the all the moments you want to remember.