Unveiled: Pomfort Livegrade Update


LiveGrade PRO Color Look management system gets a Version 2 update with some useful new features for on-set color grading.

The LivePro App adds remote control of the LiveGrade software using a compatible iOS smartphone or tablet, allowing you to turn on false color, apply grades from the library, or bypass the grading.

Academy Color Encoding System (ACES) from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is supported and allows compliant workflows to share information with other ACES enabled systems. American Society of Cinematographers Color Decision List (ASC-CDL) is also supported in CDL Grade mode.

The File Grade ability to color-grade directly on files lets you apply, create, and modify looks on JPEG, TIFF, DPX, and Quicktime still frames, giving users an easy way to create, compare, and apply grades.

The redesigned device manager can now group up to 3 devices to share a single look.

The new “darkened look” of the Version 2 interface is made to be less obtrusive on set and has an additional “low brightness mode” that can be easily turned on by clicking on the sunglasses icon, for those times when normal screen brightness might interfere on set.

The new features of LiveGrade PRO v.2, together with LiveGrade’s powerful color grading features, will continue to make it a real asset on set for monitoring and managing looks.

Please check back for pricing and availability