Unveiled: SyncBac Pro from Timecode Systems


GoPro HERO cameras have made their way into almost every conceivable type of video production, from amateur to professional. The wide range of accessories available for the HERO system has certainly helped in that regard; however, until now there hasn’t been a way to efficiently sync multiple HERO cameras together, or to other professional audio and video equipment using timecode. The SyncBac PRO from Timecode Systems introduces a wireless solution for syncing multiple HERO4 Black or Silver cameras together with timecode that gets embedded in the cameras’ video files.

How would you sync multiple HERO cameras wirelessly, you ask? Long-range RF hardware is packed inside the SyncBac PRO unit. Each unit affixes to the rear of a HERO4 Black or Silver camera via the 30-pin HeroBus, like any other BacPac accessory. Multiple SyncBac PRO units can be simply synced together in a master/slave configuration without any extra hardware. The timecode generated by the SyncBac PRO is appended into the metadata recorded along with each video file, making for easy syncing in your favorite editing system. Using separately available :pulse, :wave, or :minitrx+ units timecode can be synced with your HERO cameras and your other professional recording equipment in your production workflow.

Wireless timecode sync is cool, but Timecode Systems didn’t stop there when developing the SyncBac pro. Using their B:LINK communication protocol and dashboard, a much broader range of information can be exchanged. Each HERO camera equipped with a SyncBac PRO can be monitored and controlled remotely using an iOS or Android device through the B:LINK wireless protocol.

The SyncBac PRO is available to check out at the B&H store website and will be available for purchase soon.