YUNEEC Typhoon Quadcopter with CGO2-GB Camera


Hong Kong-based electric aircraft maker Yuneec has turned its attention to the RC aerial imaging market, releasing the ready-to-fly Q500 Typhoon with 3-axis gimbal stabilized HD camera. As the “Q” in the name suggests, this is a quadcopter, meaning four rotors. In spite of being a quad, however, it boasts a battery life in the range of many hexa- and octo-rotor systems, which can fly for up to 25 minutes.

Designed to give you a complete out-of-the box solution, the Q500 includes the ST10 Personal Ground Station. The ST10 combines a handheld transmitter (radio controller) with an integrated 4.5" touchscreen Android mobile device. With it, you can view a live video feed, operate the camera, and see telemetry data, such as remaining life on the flight battery.

If you decided you want to film a bit closer to the ground, Yuneec also offers the CGO Steady Grip for the CGO2-GB Camera. This gives you the benefit of 3-axis stabilized footage in a compact handheld rig. On top of the handgrip is a holder for your smartphone (for monitoring and camera operation), and on the bottom, there is a slot for six AA batteries. You can even purchase the CGO2-GB separately if you don't need the aerial platform.

Of course, this being an RC device, every part is available separately in case servicing is ever required. You will defiantly want some spare batteries, and spare props are a good idea, too.