Zacuto Announces New Trigger Grips for Your Camera or Rig


With an apparent M.O. of manufacturing accessories that take your existing camera and make it more ergonomic, it’s no wonder that Zacuto is one of the biggest names in camera-rigging equipment. Zacuto’s next line of handgrips features locking triggers that enable you to adjust your handgrips on the fly at the press of a trigger, and they are thusly called “Trigger Grips.”

Zacuto’s trigger mechanism predates the Trigger Grip. It was originally implemented in the Trigger Arm, which held an extension handgrip. The trigger mechanism was located by the rosette mount, and allowed the arm to be positioned quickly for handheld comfort, or tucked away for storage. Now, Zacuto has extended this technology to its handgrips, making them quickly and easily adjustable, with the assurance that they won’t unlock or loosen.

Some exciting configurations are available with these trigger mechanisms.

  • Canon Dual Trigger Grips – This setup combines a wooden trigger grip on one side and a grip relocator for the Canon C100/C300/C500 handgrip on the other. Both sides are trigger-articulated near the 15mm rod clamp, as well as at the handgrip level, and they offer extensions for customizable comfort.
Zacuto Canon Dual Trigger Grips
  • Shorty Trigger Grips – If you like to keep your rig uncluttered and compact, the Shorty Trigger Grips are a great option. While these only articulate near their 15mm rod clamp, they won’t add significant bulk to your rig. Plus, the wooden construction of both grips adds a nice aesthetic touch.
Zacuto Shorty Trigger Grips
  • Rosette Trigger Grip – Unlike the two options mentioned above, the Rosette Trigger Grip secures to an ARRI-standard rosette. If your camera or baseplate has an ARRI-standard rosette built in, you can attach the grip without the need for rods. The grip end features another ARRI-standard rosette for attaching your handgrip of choice.
Zacuto Rosette Trigger Grip

All these configurations will be available for purchase soon, so be sure to check out the B&H website for more information on pricing and availability.

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