The Zhiyun-Tech Innovative Crane-3 Lab Handheld Gimbal


One of the brand names we almost always hear when handheld gimbals are discussed is Zhiyun-Tech. Zhiyun has had at least one popular high-end model on the market the entire time that gimbal stabilizers have played the central role they have over the past few years. Even after many other brands, some very established, introduced their own gimbals, Zhiyun has maintained its strong position among the top variety. Zhiyun continues to innovate, redesigning its flagship Crane model and the concept of gimbals along with it. The new Crane-3 Lab has a support handle in a location that’s new to gimbals, and it lets you quickly switch to underslung mode. Furthermore, the combination of the new handle and the bottom handle allows for very comfortable two-handed operation.

The new gimbal features an onboard focus wheel and zoom control, contributing highly to making it more of an all-in-one camera support that gimbals have become for many. Features like real-time auto-tracking further add to the comprehensive aspect of this stabilizer. The companion app is a big factor of the new Crane, as well, and some benefits you can expect from it are various specialized filmmaking features that will automate many creative processes.

Zhiyun-Tech Crane-3 Lab
Zhiyun-Tech Crane-3 Lab

Another great feature in the Crane-3 Lab is that it conveniently offers direct smartphone support for monitoring. The motor arm is angled to leave an unobstructed view of the camera screen, an issue that some manufacturers have ventured to resolve recently. The gimbal also provides a more complete set of physical controls at the user’s fingertips. Other features include support for wireless Full HD image transmission, an improved mounting system, and a two-way charging system that ensures longer operation.


Is the tripod removable, and can you attach the unit to a monopod?

Yes, the mini tripod is removable.  You can attach the Crane 3 to a monopod or full size tripod instead.


Will the Zhiyun-Tech Crane 3 Lab come with a cradle to hold your cell phone?

That part is not included, it is B&H # ZHGMBC84E which is the Zhiyun-Tech TransMount Phone Holder with Crown Gear for Crane 3-Lab & WEEBILL LAB.


Would it work with the bmpcc4k? Including the app?

Does it actually includes servos for for focus and zoom?

The Crane-3 Lab supports optional motors. They're expected to be available sold separately around the time the gimbal itself is available. The motors might also be included in Zhiyun kits with the gimbal at that time.