BTS of 3:13, A One-Minute Horror Film


From the filmmakers: "3:13 is a one-minute horror short created for Make Long Story Shorts, on Instagram. Inspired by the phenomenon of sleep paralysis, this film follows Maria (Robbie Jean) who experiences a terrifying visit by a shadowy Demon (Diamond Simone) at 3:13 AM, but can't move—only to wake up and realize it was a nightmare. Working within the limited time length, I wrote a 'loop' narrative to make the viewer feel like they're 'stuck' in the nightmare. By using the a7ii camera on a DJI Ronin S rig, we were able to create both fluid shot sequences and utilize smoother camera transitions on set."

Kelly Murray's Bio

Kelly Murray is an award-winning writer, director, and producer, based in Philadelphia, PA. 3:13 is her second narrative film and first horror project. Her directorial debut, the historical fantasy short, The Astronomer, ran in numerous festivals and received the Curator's Choice Award at The Delaware Contemporary, in 2016. Through compelling original narratives, Murray aims to bring women-driven stories to the screen within the historical, dramatic, and fantasy genres. In partnership with Hillary Hanak, Murray is the co-founder of Pink Lemonade Pictures.

Hillary Hanak's Bio

Hillary Hanak is an award-winning Director of Photography, based in Philadelphia, PA. With more than twenty years in the film industry, Hanak has worked on a variety of commercial and narrative projects and has become a leader in the 360 VR field in the greater Philadelphia area. Most notably, she served as gaffer on the Foo Fighters' documentaries Sound City and Sonic Highways. She is a proud member of the IATSE Local 728 Union, in Los Angeles, and in partnership with Kelly Murray, is the co-founder of Pink Lemonade Pictures.

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Well done. Love the execution and the explanation of it. 

Nicely done! Intense, captivating with good flow of ending.