On-Camera Lights






In this B&H Video, Mia McCormick highlights a few on-camera video lights that can also be used off-camera for enhanced lighting control. She begins by walking us through some points to consider before purchasing a light as well as the importance of knowing your requirements for wattage output, power sources, intended location and needed durability to determine what light is best for you.

Starting with the Bescor Morning Star Series LED-125 On-Camera Light as a basic option and proceeding to the Switronix TorchLED Bolt On-camera Camera LED Light, with its 3000-6000K color temperature range, she demonstrates the output and dimmer capability on both of these lights. Before moving on to discuss the advantages of LED light kits by Vidpro and Litepanels, McCormick makes clear how each of these lights can be used effectively off-camera on the Impact Multiboom Light Stand or Impact Air-Cushioned Light Stand.