Apple 12.9" iPad Pro M1 Chip: Unboxing & Hands-on Review


Jake Estes unboxes and reviews the 12.9" 2021 Apple iPad Pro with the new M1 Chip. This iPad boasts desktop-level performance with low power consumption, a 12.9" Liquid Retina XDR Touchscreen, a battery runtime of up to 10 hours, and more!

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1) I have been told conflicting opinions on whether a thunderbolt hub such as Sonnet's Echo 5 will actually deliver additional USABLE PORTS.....there seems to be a great deal of fuzziness about this functionality.      Sonnet's webpage specifically says the hub is compatible with iPad Pro but gives no practical information. if all ports are actually available or if it is just providing ONE pass through charging port

2) I constantly use MIRRORING  from iPhone to Mac book pro through the QT Player app....[google this if unclear].  Since the QT player is missing from the iPad Pro 12.9 5th gen [IOS} apparently . Thus one cannot mirror from iPhones to iPad Pro at this time.  [I do not know of a work around]    [I need to do this, since I use the iPhone as a copy stand camera on a small stand to copy documents in libraries, and use the mbp essentially as a viewfinder to position the documents without having to touch the iPhone on the stand and fiddle with its position]. this is a deal breaker for me in terms of getting an iPad Pro.  If this were possible, the iPad Pro would be an attractive lightweight tool for this mobile application.

Hi, Elliot. The Sonnet Echo 5 hub will work with the iPad Pro, but only one monitor would be supported. The rest of the ports would be available for other USB or Thunderbolt devices so as long as they are also compatible with the iPad Pro and iOS. You can see a chart on their website which explains it.

For the second issue, there is no way to do this as far as I know when using an iPad and I did not find a workaround. You would need to use the Mac to continue to use that functionality with the iPhone.