Imaging USA 2015: G-Technology ev ATC Thunderbolt Drive

Whether you're a still photographer or videographer, with file-based image capture there's no getting around the rate at which media piles up. This creates a particular challenge in the field where notoriously sensitive hard drives aren't well suited.

In this segment from the show floor of Imaging USB, KelbyOne Media's Larry Becker introduces us to the latest G-DRIVE from G-Technology, the evATC—a waterproof 1TB hard drive. As part of the ATC system, the drive itself is modular, and is interchangeable with other drives—even SSDs. You can also place the drive from the evATC in an ATC dock back at the studio. It features a tethered Thunderbolt cable that tucks neatly into the side of the housing.

Since you may be wondering what good being waterproof is if, say, you drop it in the ocean, you'll be relieved to know this drive floats. Not to mention it has been tested to survive drops from up to 2m (6.6') onto carpet.

Currently, it comes with Thunderbolt only. However, a USB 3.0 version is expected soon. B&H will carry both models as soon as they start shipping and, G-Tech hopes it will be about two weeks or so for the Thunderbolt model to be available.

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