Creating Dynamic Portraits with Speedlites with Sal Cincotta


Infusing his chat with practical business and photo skills, St. Louis-area photographer Sal Cincotta talks about lighting, lighting, lighting. He discusses it in terms of branding your business, how to keep your kit portable, highlighting facial types and, really, from every angle imaginable. He details his versatile use of speedlites, the hard-edge style he prefers and the specific tools and modifiers he adds to get each job done. The beauty of Cincotta’s talk is not just his dynamic style, but the no-nonsense advice he offers to wedding and portrait shooters on how to “build” a scene by using flash photography.




Not all great photographers are great instructors.  Sal is obviously a great photographer as well as a great teacher.  I've learned more from this video than I have from my entire shelf of books.  His delivery style is "dynamic" and kept me engaged.  I've watched other instructional videos that make me lose interest simply because the photographer's style is "flat" borrow lighting terms.  Thanks to Sal and B&H for making this available.

Great presentation, didnt put me to sleep and to the point. Learned quite a bit, Just got to give it at try ..... Thanks..... 

The best 75 minutes I've spent learning online in months!  Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Good stuff - just getting re-interested (been out of this since the early 90s - medium format, Sunpak 120J, turbo battery days), and I learned a bunch - thanks!