Hands-On Review: Sekonic C-700R SpectroMaster


In the following video, Larry Becker, of KelbyOne Media, discusses the Sekonic C-700 and C-700R SpectroMaster Spectrometers, demonstrating the unique aspects of these groundbreaking color-analytic imaging tools that are billed as "capable of reading all light sources."

The video explores the difference between the standard and remote versions of the meter, stressing the wireless radio flash triggering and group management aspects of the C-700R. You'll get a look at the vivid full-color 4.3" LCD display that offers nine different screens aimed at helping filmmakers, videographers, and photographers hit their targeted color temperature. Larry will give special attention the Multi-Light screen that compares and memorizes up to four fixtures' color output, and then displays the Rosco, Lee, Wratten, or Fuji filter numbers necessary to achieve your desired result.

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For a comprehensive hands-on review of the Sekonic C-700R, click here.




Does this thing calculate TLCi?  CRI is not the modern standard.

Also, reviewers are condemning this unit's accuracy and recommendations for light types that have a green cast.

No, this does not calculate TLCi. The reviews are mixed, if you are unsure if this meter would suit your needs, I would recommend emails us at [email protected]. Let us know your generial situation you would be working in and any concerns thereof.