How To Tether Your Camera with Capture One Pro


You’ve mastered shooting RAW, so what’s the next step? When it really matters, know how to tether up and see results immediately. Tethered shooting can make the difference between a successful shoot and miserable failure. With this class, we cover ways to tether your DLSR and medium format camera using Capture One Pro, the industry standard among professional photographers. Learn how and when to tether up, why it matters, and some basic troubleshooting to keep your session running smoothly. Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned pro, this class is for you!


Jon Gilbert is an accomplished member of the Phase One and Mamiya Leaf technical support team. He is also the Phase One and Mamiya Leaf lead instructor for North America. With more than 10 years in the professional photography industry, Jon has a traveled the world supporting Photographers, managing on-set capture, and teaching Capture One techniques. He runs the highly touted Phase One Certified Professional program, which has certified more than 600 Digital Techs, Assistants, and Photographers worldwide.


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hi, John are you offering this class in the near future or B&H>id love to take it.