Tips for Improving Your Photography with Tim Grey


In this B&H Event Space video, Tim Grey talks about how to use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom to organize and optimize your images, with the end result of improving your photography. Grey demonstrates how to use Lightroom as a tool to edit and filter your images in a way that will inspire you to create new images, learn about your photography while reviewing your past work, and identify problems in your images.




Thank you Tim for an interesting and inspiring session.  I am starting a week's holidays and although I know what you say in theory it will remind me to think about each image as I capture it and practise looking at a way to personally stamp each of my photographs.

I enjoy watching Tim Grey's presentations at B&H. He has a selfdprecating humor that I can relate to. Like Tim, I started out shooting film. After I resumed photography from a long hiatus, I had a smartphone and I found an Android app, EXIF4Film, that lets one record exposure information. Yes, it is a manual process; the same as film photography was and is. But it allows the EXIF info to be embedded in the JPEG.

You must not be using a late model digital camera. All of mine have EXIF files with GPS coordinates embedded in the file.