Travel Photography: Tips and Techniques


Travel offers extensive opportunities and challenges for the photographer. Whether your interests are a casual record of your family trip or a serious visual exploration of a place far from home, this presentation provides practical tips and visual stimulation so that you come home with pictures that make you proud.

Renowned photography instructor Lester Lefkowitz discusses pre-trip planning; what to take and how to pack; foreign travel considerations; interacting with and photographing the “natives;” time of day and weather issues; finding the good spots; protecting digital files while on the road; ways to improve your composition; some exposure pointers; cool things you can do with a digital camera (that you could never do with film), and what to do with all those great (and near-great) images when you get home.




Mr. Lefkowitz, it is great to see you are still active and vibrant.  Your "Manual of Close Up Photography" published back in the 70's was my bible and I still refer to it in this digital age.  It is IMO the best book on Macro to this day.  Not surprisingly your travel video I just watched has the same thorough but helpful common sense information and is well done.  Thanks for your insights and help thru the years which have of such usefullness to me and others.  Keep up the great work!! - Alan

Great tips for all travel photographers!  Travel photography is not always lucrative, in fact most often it is not lucrative! But it is definitely rewarding with some of the different landscapes you will encounter, my best advice is to explore travel photography with an open mind and without your pocket book in mind...shoot creatively and have fun with it.