Unleashing the Power of Your Sony A6000


Join Gary Fong as he teaches you how to unleash the power of the new Sony Alpha 6000 digital camera. Learn how to take full advantage of its unique and incredible features, such as instant sharing via smartphone with Wi-Fi and NFC, one of the world’s fastest autofocus systems with 179 AF points and 11EPS6, and so much more!




This a great tutorial for someone like myself that is still learning about this camera although I just recently bought it. I will be watching additional videos as well. I am interested in newborn/toddler photography. Do you have any segments on that also?

Is it only me who thinks the model in black makes the video much more fun from 49:00 and to the end? The really struggles not to fall a sleep hahah. 

Sony offers an app (I th8nk it's their "Play Memories"app), that can be used to remotely control the camera. On some models of cameras the app will allow your smartphone to both shoot pics & record video, however, it appears that on the A6000, that is not the case; it only gives you control to shoot photos with the A 6000, which is BLASPHEMY!  What a shame! With the A6000 being such a capable little camera, it would have been truly superb if they had given us that control over the video function from a smartphone, as well as the ability to shoot photos. I'm hoping perhaps Gary Fong or some of you here may know of some sort of hack or work-around that might allow a person to get past that limitation and be able to control the camera for video via the playmemories app, so that bloggers, podcasters, & self-shooters of all flavors would have a cool option for doing all of that self-shot stuff without the tedium of so much trimming off of beginnings & ends where you walked to & from the camera to start & stop it. Any helpful suggestions, anybody?

Thanks for the great video! You are a passionate presenter and clearly demonstrate what this camera is capable of! Thanks :-)

Just got this camera. Great video demonstration of its capability. 

I have enjoyed learning about this camera.  If I can ask a question, can I see the effects of a polarizer clearly on the EVF?  I am a landscape photographer.  Thanks!

Yes, when using a circular polarizer with a camera that only has an EVF, the effects of the polarizer are clearly visible on the LCD screen.

Can I still view this presentation?