Improving Your Home Studio | Acoustic Treatment for the Small Studio | Part 1


In Part 1 of this three-part series, Justin Colletti, of Sonic Scoop, and Bob Mallory (producer and engineer for Avatar Studios and Paste magazine), introduce you to the materials and construction methods needed to make your own acoustic panels for a home studio. From framing to covering, they discuss the ins and outs of assembling the panels, and the common problems that can be addressed by using them.

Listen to A/B comparisons of acoustic guitar and voice-over in the original untreated room, versus the room with the home-built acoustic panels. Later in the video, recordings of full-range pink noise are played through studio monitors in the untreated room, and then in the acoustically treated space. A real-time analyzer is shown for visual comparison of the different resulting frequency responses. Tune in to Parts 2 and 3 to explore monitoring, speakers, headphones, mic techniques, mic lockers, and more.




Don't listen at your 'day job' work desk at your crappy computer, using crappy earbuds that were free at some trade show. Couldn't tell any difference AT ALL with the guitar (yeah the earbuds are just crap). I know for a fact that listening with good headphones, there will be a difference. However I *could* tell the difference with the spoken word and mic check. Even on these awful earbuds. Great!! Loved the information here. Thanks!!

Thanks for the video!  I recently finished a similar setup and didn't realize how much of a difference corner traps and acoustic treatment made for my small bedroom studio.