Sennheiser MK 8 Microphone & Esfera System: NAB 2014

Sennheiser is looking to expand its already considerable influence both in the ENG and studio worlds with the announcement of the Esfera Surround Microphone System and MK 8 Condenser Microphone.

Looking to simplify 5.1 surround sound recordings, the Esfera system consists of the SPM 8000 stereo microphone and the SPB 8000 rack processor, which is used to decode the stereo source into 5.1 sound. The SPM 8000 microphone is composed of 2 RF condenser microphones arranged in an XY configuration, and includes a basket windshield, a pistol-grip suspension, and a hairy cover for additional wind-noise reduction. The SPB 8000 rack processor is designed to cater to your workflow; it can decode the stereo to 5.1 in real time or in post production. Additionally, it provides phantom power (which the SPM 8000 requires), has a selectable compressor, four directly selectable presets, and accepts both analog and digital signals for flexibility.

For the project studio folks, the MK 8 large diaphragm condenser features a dual 24-carat gold-splattered one-inch diaphragm setup, allowing for a selection between 5 polar patterns. A 3-position low-cut/roll-off switch and a 3-position pad round out the MK 8’s adjustability. It was tuned for accurate but warm reproduction. The MK 8 is made in Germany and should be available in the late summer, 2014.



I got really excited by this but totally agree with Mr.Wu that its a massive dissapointment that it's a rack mount system.

So despite the attention grabbing headline I'm pretty sure that ENG wont be its natural home.

I had thought at £4200 it would be portable but I guess thats the price of the decoding slab.

Hi. How match ?

Looks impressive, but I'm disappointed that it's not a portable system like the DPA 5100 or a Holophone (one mic with 6 XLRs going into a 788, without time wasting decoding for field recordings). What's the target price btw?

Hi Watson -

Sennheiser has not released MSRP details as yet.  As soon as we have complete pricing and specifications we will post the products on our website.

Please contact us via e-mail if you have additional questions: