Posted 03/14/18
Watch B&H’s AB as he takes to Central Park to demonstrate Sennheiser’s AMBEO SMART HEADSET. You’ll see him wearing the dual-purpose earphones/binaural-recording headset, which captures stereophonic 3D audio fit for use in immersive entertainment content. Whether it’s VR, experimental podcasting, or recording an acapella band with lifelike you-are-there placement, this headset will handle the job. You’ll hear this immediately, as we at B&H were fortunate enough to catch the talented Cover Story doo-wopping their way into glorious harmony. The microphones themselves capture high-quality audio, to be sure, but that’s only part of the picture. With preamps, conversion, and soft-limiting brought to you by Apogee, the AMBEO SMART HEADSET is truly the smart choice.
Posted 03/09/18
In the following video, “AB” demonstrates the Zoom F1 Field Recorder, and how it can be a useful addition to any professional sound engineers inventory. This video explores the functions, controls, and features of the Zoom F1, including the inputs and outputs, signal flow, and peripherals including the SGH-6 shotgun mic module and the LMF-1 omnidirectional lavalier microphone. We discuss how easy it is to attach the F1SP to a camera with the included SMF-1 shockmount. AB also shows off the 1.25" monochrome display and how to set up the Rec Format, Lo Cut, Limiter, and Rec Level functions. Additional topics covered include powering the unit with two AAA batteries, volume controls, the test tone, and the sound markers. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at
Posted 02/05/18
Proudly picking out the stars of the NAMM 2018 show, B&H’s Aaron Belinfanti, or “AB,” as he is fondly known, spotlights new products across a broad array of categories in the video below. For live stage applications, Sennheiser’s G4 wireless lineup expands on the company’s widely popular G3 series with up to 50 mW of power, simplified setup, and more. For synth-heads, the Korg Prologue analog synthesizer—available in 16-voice/61-key and 8-voice/49-key configurations—delivers extreme customization and multi-voice technology. Korg Prologue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer Studio dwellers will appreciate Warm Audio’s offerings, which include tube and FET versions of the classic ’47-style condenser mic, and the single-channel and dual-channel ’73 Series mic preamps and pre/EQ units (read about them here). Warm Audio WA-47 Large-Diaphragm Tube Condenser Microphone A bonus for producers and synth aficionados, check out the Arturia MiniBrute 2 keyboard and MiniBrute 2s desktop sequencer! Arturia MiniBrute 2 Semi-Modular Monophonic Analog Synthesizer with 48-Point Patchbay For recording and mixing at home, in the studio, or on the go, the Universal Audio Arrow offers Thunderbolt-powered operation with preamps, built-in DSP, and more. A big win for DJs, Pioneer DJ released the DDJ-1000 controller for rekordbox DJ, complete with a 4-channel mixer, customizable LCD jog displays, Beat FX, and the list goes on! Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000 4-Channel rekordbox dj Controller with Integrated Mixer Watch the video and relive the thrills of NAMM 2018!
Posted 02/02/18
In this video, Aaron “AB” Belinfanti gives you a look at five of B&H’s favorite synths from NAMM 2018. You’ll see the Elektron Digitone, which blends old-school subtractive-synth signal flow with FM synthesis, as well as Arturia’s MiniBrute 2 and MiniBrute 2S. Another standout comes by way of Korg, whose analog synth-beast, called the Prologue, boasts many features that you can read about here. As for the other item included, you’ll have to watch the video to see it for yourself—but if you’re a fan of the keytar, you will not be disappointed.
Posted 01/26/18
It’s NAMM 2018, and you know what that means: Guitars, guitars, and more guitars—and basses! With that in mind, B&H’s very own Aaron Belinfanti took a run around the showroom to show you six of our favorite entries this year. First, you’ll see new extended-range multiscale guitars from ESP, some with pickup options from Fishman and Bare Knuckle. You’ll also note our exposé on Boss Katana Amps and Waza Craft stompboxes. Will we profile new iRig gear from IK Multimedia, Line 6’s HX Effects, and more! Or is this video actually an elaborate, pun-based ruse to foist our six favorite plectra upon you? Watch the video to find out...
Posted 01/04/18
In this second part of our tutorial on the basics of DJing, we explore the basics of tempo matching and mixing.
Posted 01/03/18
Join B&H’s Rob Rives as he shows off two new Lectrosonics transmitters: The SMWB and the SMDWB. The only difference between these two transmitters is the battery capacity, with the SMDWB providing room for an additional AA battery to increase your operating time. Watch as Rives demonstrates the switchable output power of these units, as well as their ability to record audio in situations where transmitting sound is impossible.
Posted 12/28/17
In the following video, Rob Rives demonstrates how to set up and use a basic DJ setup. This video explores the functions, controls, and features of a DJ mixer, CD players, and turntables. Rives shows how to connect the players, main outputs, and booth outputs. We showcase setting gain, using the onboard meters, monitor tracks, and effectively using the onboard EQ and effects. Rives walks you through the process of cueing tracks and beat matching, which results in seamless transitions. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at Click here for Part 2.
Posted 10/26/17
The new iZotope Spire Studio is the perfect piece of technology for tracking and recording music or musical ideas while on the go. This mini studio features an omnidirectional mic, a soundcheck feature for adjusting gain, built-in effects, and an easy-to-use mobile app for additional options.
Posted 10/19/17
Join B&H’s Rob Rives as he introduces us to Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 ’s endless possibilities for performing, honing, shaping, and molding drum tracks without any thinkable creative restraints. For this latest iteration of the software, audio pioneer and award-winning engineer George Massenburg teamed up with the company to put you in control of a complete virtual drum studio with a level of quality, flexibility, and authenticity that pushes the boundaries of drum production.
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