Announcing Pro COB LED Lights from SmallRig


You already know them as a favorite provider of camera cages and support components―now B&H is pleased to share that SmallRig has entered the pro lighting market with the release of its COB lighting series. Available in RC120D COB Daylight and RC120B COB Variable Color Temperature versions, these pro lights fit right in on cine-style, ENG, broadcast, and still photo sets.

RC120D COB Daylight and RC120B COB Variable Color Temperature versions
RC120D COB Daylight and RC120B COB Variable Color Temperature versions

COB LED Lighting

These new COB lights are both more powerful and offer a greater degree of control than SmallRig’s existing onboard LED panels like the M160 and the RM01 Mini Cube Light. Without getting too deep into the technical details, COB (Chip on Board) lights are more energy efficient, offer reduced light loss, and produce less glare than typical LED (SMD) lights, which have LED lamp beads attached to the base surface.

RC120D COB Daylight
RC120D COB Daylight

Light Features

These streamlined units feature built-in cooling systems, dual power-supply options, and single-handed control for easy use. The high TLCI 96+ and CRI 95+ ratings indicate a high degree of color reproduction accuracy, ensuring natural tones and uniformity when combining multiple units and matching other light sources.

Choose between the daylight-balanced RC120D for a 5600K output and the RC120B with a wide 2700-6500K color-temperature range for matching your ambient light. The powerful outputs of these lights measure 5370 lux at 3.3' for the RC120D and a corresponding 4450 lux for the RC120B. Using the included hyper reflector brightens the RC120D’s output to 62,600 lux and the RC120B’s output to 52,800 lux for when you need that extra punch of light. 

The quiet built-in fan powers on automatically, combining with the heat sinks to keep the lights cool enough to prevent overheating during sustained use or in warmer environments. Each light offers 270˚ of obstruction-free tilt to help you in setting the right angle, and a 19.7' power cable provides a comfortable range in which to position the COB light when using AC power.


While rather entertainingly named, the “Small GoGo” app does the job, enabling intelligent light control that lets you tweak color, intensity, and more to get just the look you want. Nine built-in lighting effects provide a quick shortcut to specific paparazzi, fireworks, lightning, faulty bulb, TV, breath, flash, party, and flame looks. The app enables simultaneous multiple-unit control and reliable, extended distance control distance using the integrated Bluetooth mesh network module. Of course, you also have on-fixture, manual control options, as well.


Dedicated optional accessories like the durable 21" diameter RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox, the 33" diameter RA-D85 Parabolic Softbox, and the RA-L65 Lantern Softbox are used to buffer the light output. The Bowens mount on each SmallRig COB offers compatibility with many third-party soft boxes and grids and there’s also a handy umbrella hole built in. Use a COB Light Stand to support each light head and a V-Mount Battery Plate to power the light away from an AC source. Power your COB light using the included 12 to 30 VDC power supply or the dual 14.4/26V V-mount battery option. Each COB fixture comes with an external ballast, a power cable, a durable canvas storage bag, and a cover.

RA-D55 Parabolic Softbox
RA-D85 Parabolic Softbox
RA-L65 Lantern Softbox

How do you see these versatile SmallRig COB pro light fixtures fitting into your video or stills workflow? Let us know in the Comments section, below.