Hands-On Review: Zhiyun CRANE 3S PRO Gimbal Stabilizer


Jake Estes takes the Zhiyun CRANE 3S Pro out for a spin—literally! This camera stabilizer boasts a large 14.3-lb payload, an updated axis-locking system, external power input, and the ViaTouch 2.0 motion control system, connectivity with the Zy Play App and more. It can also accommodate a wide range of cinema camera sizes by utilizing a separately available extension module to extend the horizontal arm, which is now positioned at a 55° angle. Have you ever used a Zhiyun gimbal? What are your thoughts? Share them or ask questions in the Comments section!

Special thanks to @Armando Ferreira for allowing us to use some of his footage.



Hi Anton - 

The  Zhiyun CRANE 3S Pro ,and other similar hand-held motorized gimbal stabilizers, are not designed for use with camcorders  like the Canon XF605 UHD 4K HDR Pro Camcorder.

could this be used on a CANON XF 605?

Could this be used with the Black magic 4K? I’m thinking about buying the bundle from you guys but if it doesn’t I’ll try to find another bundle with a different camera. I heard there was probability that the app doesn’t work fully with the camera?