How to Film an Interview


Interviews are among the most common types of video shoots, but nailing them isn’t always easy. In the following video, Zacuto’s Chase Kubasiak helps you maximize the potential of your interview shoots by providing seven simple steps to follow and help them run smoothly. For each step, Kubasiak offers a quick list of tips and things to consider, such as taking note of ambient noise at your shooting location, how to setup three-point lighting, and choosing the right microphone for the job. Check out the video for the complete list of steps and improve the quality of your next interview!




Hello, thanks for the really concise explanation.  Sometimes we have to travel cross country to our clients location- and have to rely on them to set up the location and folks being interviewed and it would be great to have a text list of your suggestions that we could edit for each situation. Do you have your script in a text format?  Thanks again!

Great video. I've probably done 800+ professional interviews on camera and this is a great summary.

I like the tips on sound and use of different mics. I would like to know more about editing when two cameras are being used and one or two mics. Thanks

Nicely done; succinct, and well scripted and produced!

One thing I noticed is you don't mention the confidence monitor--this is an especially helpful tool when you can't do a sound and picture test. In addition to a visual check, it helps identify distractions in the background; such as the water bottles you mentioned, distracting movement, or lines intersecting the subject in a distracting manner (i.e., trees, columns, or other architectural elements).

I'll certainly be sharing this video link with others--keep up the good productions!

Glad that you liked the video, Mark. Thanks so much for writing in to let us know!

Great Tips, learned something for sure. Thanks

Hi Linda, thanks for your feedback on the video. Glad to hear you learned something from these tips!

Thank you for those tips. I've learnt 2 new tips here. Great job

Hi John, thanks for the compliment on this video. Great to hear that you've learned two new tips at once!

Nice job of summarizing interview shoot basics in a nutshell.  Thank you!

Thanks for the feedback Craig, great to hear this presentation was so concise!