The B&H Rewards Program

Shopping at B&H pays you back!

All B&H Account Holders earn Reward points
every time they shop for eligible merchandise.
If you have an account, you are automatically
signed up for the My B&H Rewards Program.

Go on, reward yourself!

(Currently not available with Google Wallet)

Just place your order while you
are logged in to your B&H Account.

Earn Reward Points Now! Log Infydqtzuyvqastzuduuyqyexfxsezxrcef / Create an Account


Purchase any eligible
product on the B&H
and receive the
specified percentage back in
Reward points. The percentage is
calculated based on the price you
pay for the eligible merchandise.


Place your order
while you are logged
in to your B&H account.

If you fail to do so,
Rewards points cannot
be applied retroactively.


My Rewards >

Rewards points will
automatically convert to a promotional code
that can be used on any item we sell. 40 - 60 days after your order has shipped you will receive an email with a Rewards Card which can be used for a future purchase from B&H.