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Your requests to change or cancel your orders will be processed during our next open business day.

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This form is only for orders placed during Holiday Closings. Please
DO NOT use this form for "Back-order Status" or RMA Requests
(please defer these requests until we reopen).

Changing or canceling an order placed during a Holiday closing

Because your order was placed during a Holiday closing, your order will be processed
during our next open business day. Click Here for our complete holiday schedule.

Change an order

To make changes on an order that was placed during a holiday closing, enter the order # and press "CHANGE ORDER". Fill out the form and your changes will be sent to a customer
service representative to be processed immediately after the Holiday.

Cancel an order

Because your order is on hold until after the holiday, you have the option of canceling your
order. To cancel your order, enter your order number, and press "CANCEL ORDER".
Canceling an order cannot be undone.

Please Note:

If there is an issue with any of the changes you submit, a customer service representative
will contact you.

Changes made on this form will not display in your order
history until after the holiday closing.