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Draper Projection Screen Surfaces

Textile Backed Screen Surfaces

Fiberglass Matte White

The standard to which all other screen surfaces are compared. A matte white vinyl reflective surface laminated to a woven textile base. Draper's rugged woven fiberglass provides superior "lay flat" and tear resistance. A matte white surface diffuses projected light in all directions so the image can be seen from any angle. Matte white offers accurate color rendition as well as superior clarity because it is a smooth surface -not embossed. Recommended for use with overhead projectors and high light output projection devices. Requires adequate provision for the control of ambient light in the audience area. Gain of 1.0 with a panoramic 180-degree viewing cone. Seamless in sizes up to 10' in height.


Draper's special matte white material for large seamless roller-operated screens - up to 16' in width. Excellent dimensional stability and remarkable "lay flat" in large roller-operated screens. Same optical characteristics as fiberglass matte white. Gain: 1.0, viewing cone: 180 degrees.

High Contrast Grey

Grey textile-backed surface offers excellent resolution while enhancing the blacks of LCD and DLP projected images, even as whites and lighter colors are maintained. Performs well in ambient light condition. High Contrast Grey's lower gain of 0.8 allows use with even the brightest projectors; viewing cone of 180 degrees. Available on most non-tensioned motorized and manual screens; seamless in sizes up to 8' in height.

Glass Beaded

Microscopic spherical glass beads embedded in a matte white base material. Due to their spherical shape, the glass beads reflect the majority of projected light back to its source. This results in a projected image that is significantly brighter than matte white, within an approximate 90 degree viewing cone. The superior on-axis reflectivity of glass beaded material makes it desirable for use with low luminance projection devices, including LCD platens and many LCD projectors. It should not be used with ceiling or floor mounted projectors. A glass-beaded screen will tolerate a higher level of ambient light in the audience area. On-axis gain of 2.5 and a recommended viewing cone of 90 degrees. Seamless in sizes up to 10' in height.


The most innovative and versatile acoustically transparent material available. Available on several models of permanently tensioned and motorized screens. Gain of 1.0 similar to matte white. Available in sizes through 72 x 96" or 10' diagonal. The acoustical properties are comparable to the highest quality speaker grille cloth.

AT Grey

AT Grey offers the acoustical properties of the popular AT1200 while providing the best optical qualities of both Matte White and High Contrast Grey. It is unique in that it offers both a 180 viewing cone and the vivid color contrast associated with high contrast grey materials. Available in sizes through 72 x 96" or 10' diagonal. Gain of 0.8. Not recommended for screens smaller than 80" wide when used with LCD or DLP projectors.

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Unsupported Vinyl Materials

Flexible Matte White

Pliable matte white material for use in the Cinefold portable folding screen. It can be stretched, folded and restretched repeatedly without damage. Flexible matte white is an excellent matte white material with a gain of 1.0 and a viewing cone of 180 degrees.


The perfect matte white diffusing surface. Ideal for high-resolution data projection. Extremely broad light dispersion and spectral uniformity. Panoramic viewing angle and true color rendition. Recommended for use with any type of projector where the light level can be reasonably controlled. Washable. M1300 has a gain of 1.0 and a viewing cone of 180 degrees.


Higher gain surface for projectors with lower light output such as CRT units. Provides good black retention with accurate light colors and whites. M2500 tolerates a higher ambient light level in the audience area than many front projection screen surfaces. On-axis gain of 2.1; viewing cone of up to 180 degrees.

HiDef Grey

Grey front projection surface. HiDef Grey is designed with a low gain of 0.8 to meet the demands of today's high-output video projectors. The grey color enhances color contrast and black levels in the projected image and also allows for more ambient light in the audience area than traditional surfaces.


Neutral grey rear projection-diffusing surface. Cineflex provides high resolution and excellent contrast even in lighted rooms. Useful with a wide range of projection systems. Gain 2.3 on-axis; moderate viewing cone.

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