Home Theater Showrooms

Located in the Home Entertainment area of our NYC SuperStore

Come and enjoy an incredible audio/visual experience in four distinct showrooms set in a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere.

B&H now carries a full line of premier home theater brands. They include speakers made by Klipsch, Mirage, Boston Acoustics, Speakercraft and Yamaha; A/V components by Denon, Yamaha Avantage and Speakercraft; subwoofers by Velodyne; and control systems from Universal Remote, Xantech and more.

The Showrooms:

Media Center Showroom

This is where computing and entertainment converge. Every screen can be used as a monitor or TV set. Your favorite TV program can be streamed from the Internet and viewed on the biggest display in the house. Also, you can access thousands of tunes stored on a computer but heard through your home's best speakers. In this room you'll get a sense of what it's like to enjoy Netflix without discs, Hulu TV without a cable subscription or YouTube without a computer. You'll also be able to watch programs from other countries and learn how to place inexpensive high-definition video calls to relatives overseas.

Multi-Zone Video Showroom

When one TV isn't enough but five or more seem fine, your options range from displaying them all on a single wall or separately in different rooms. Hanging them together in one room enables multiple simultaneous viewing, but how many sports events can you really watch at once? In this showroom you can find solutions for dispersing video to displays in different rooms of your home or business. Whether you're thinking of mixing video games and pro sports games, or creating a sports bar or a multi-screen video conferencing system for your business, stop by the Multi-Zone Video room.

Multi-Zone Audio Showroom

Speakers can be so accommodating. They go on walls, in walls, in ceilings, on shelves or on floors. In a spacious home or business, speakers are the end points of audio distribution. In this demo area you'll hear for yourself how a multi-zone audio system works and how different types of speakers perform. You'll be able to match discrete audio sources to different rooms and adjust the show using a wireless hand controller you carry or park in a wall recess.

Home Theater Showroom

Choose between a motorized movie screen that lowers by remote or a big-screen TV that elevates out of elegant furniture. A high-def projector mounted on the ceiling fills the movie screen. The TV is 3D-capable, which explains the pairs of active LCD shutter glasses perched on the cabinet. Residing in the tall A/V cabinet are a variety of receivers, a bank of Blu-ray disc players and a media receiver. With all that technology at your fingertips, the only thing left to do is dim the lights and enjoy the show.