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CanonEOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body)

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The Best Compromise for Converting Into Digital

I have shot weddings and other work for 20+ years, mainly onmedium-format gear. Recently a studio for which I shootexpressed a preference for digital originals. I decidedthat this was a sign that I...Read complete review

I have shot weddings and other work for 20+ years, mainly onmedium-format gear. Recently a studio for which I shootexpressed a preference for digital originals. I decidedthat this was a sign that I should accept the inevitable andbegin transitioning to DSLRs.I have Nikon 35mm equipment but not a huge investment inlenses. Although I have not used 35mm much, I like andtrust Nikon gear and would have stayed with it if Canon werenot so obviously dominant in both the mid-range and high-endof the DSLR space. Nikon doesn't have a match for the 20D. The D70 and D100 are not enough, and the D2x is too much.I chose the 20D because, in short, the next step up is avery long one from about 1500 to about 4000 dollars. Eventhe two Kodak-branded DSLRs which I did seriouslyconsider, mainly for their full-frame sensors are overtwice the body price, and their sensor and processingexecution is arguably not as up-to-date as that of the 20D. The 20D is very well positioned from a price/performancestandpoint.I strongly recommend the BG-E2 accessory grip. The 20Dbody is very small and paper-light, and the verticaldimension of the right-side hand-hold location is short. Aperson with medium to large hands, like mine, will probablyfind his little finger dangling in space and unable to helpguide the camera. I shot half-day jobs both before andafter acquiring the BG-E2, and I will absolutely consider itstandard equipment if I get another 20D body. The gripreduces fatigue and improves handling tremendously, and thevertical shutter release is worth gold. The slightadditional heft low in the body (and two batteries insteadof one) aids steadiness in the hold. And there is nothingwrong with taking twice the shooting time to a job.Another recommendation: The 20D is available in kits withseveral lens choices, but none of them are very fast. Working a couple of receptions in subdued light reminded methat autofocus systems need the same thing eyes need enough light. In my Nikon system I maintained a rule ofnever buying a lens that wasn't 2.8 or faster, and never azoom that wasn't constant-aperture, and I will definitelyhold to that rule in purchasing lenses in the Canon system. In fact, page 68 of the 20D manual confirms that withlenses 2.8 and faster, a high-precision autofocus mode isenabled.

Problems Encountered: No problems of reliability, but if you're in one of themanual aperture modes, take care not to bump the rearthumb wheel, as this controls the aperture.Also, note that the viewfinder only shows about 91% of theimage.

Previous Equivalent Items Owned: No digital cameras previously

Items I Recommend: BG-E2 Vertical Grip / Battery Holder


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Great for the enthusiast, but not a pro camera

Good digital SLR for enthusiasts, but like most similarpriced cameras from both Nikon and Canon, auto focus is alittle off. The color is not accurate on default settings(I work with calibrated...Read complete review

Good digital SLR for enthusiasts, but like most similarpriced cameras from both Nikon and Canon, auto focus is alittle off. The color is not accurate on default settings(I work with calibrated monitors). Very easy to use .

Problems Encountered: Color is not as good as Fuji or Nikon. Auto focus notgreat. Terrible pop up flash- very weak.

Previous Equivalent Items Owned: 10D, D1H, D70, medium format and pro 35mm..

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Worth every penny and maybe more.

By Mary the Photo Geek

from Darien, IL

About Me Professional

Verified Reviewer


  • Bright LCD
  • Comfortable Controls
  • Strong Construction


    Best Uses

    • Documentary
    • Fun
    • Travel

    Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

    I use this for travel, sports and portrait photography. The only tiny thing is sometimes in very low-light fast action continuous use situation like sports photography it gets a very little bit slow for a few seconds. But it isn't a big problem at all. I find it great for traveling, the controls are easy to use, and good for fast changes in settings. It is an excellent camera for the price. Although outdates, I am not looking to upgrade any time soon. I've recommended this to many people and everyone who has purchased it had been happy with it.

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      20 D

      By Eyecon

      from NC

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      If you get a chance to buy this camera used, do it. It has been a great camera for me. I want go into great detail since you can't buy this camera new anymore, but I bought it in 2005 and still use it today.

      Expertise: PRO

      Items I Recommend: Get good glass. Canon L


      Steady Little Mate

      By Anonymous

      from Cairns, Australia

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      Great camera! What you'll find great about the 20D asopposed to the 300D/350D/400D and other lower level SLR's isthe ease of use. No need for menus to change settings is amajor plus and helps me out in high pressure shooting suchas weddings and documentary where conditions can constantlychange.The auto-focus is fairly fast (good for the price) and thecamera although not weather-sealed, is tough. I havetravelled through India roughing it and had a fair bit ofsea water over it during beach shoots and it still goes andgoes (not to say I like getting sea water all over it).As far as features go, it doesn't have spot, but I find Idon't change metering ever (using a separate light meter forfashion/studio). I would like more ISO stops but it isliveable.My main beef with the 20D is the small LCD which giveslittle indication of detail or blur as it is tiny.For it's price this is a very versatile camera with a lovelylittle sensor in it.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Canon EOS 300

      Items I Recommend: BIG Canon Blower for removing dust from the sensor


      BEST of most all

      By Larry Middleton

      from USA, Virginia (Go VA TECH!)

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      After one year....still the BEST (for the money) I've owned numerous digitals and others; the 20D deserves an award for consistency of excellence. Fast focus, 5 frames per second, long battery-life, lightweight; besides weatherstripping,etc. that WOULD be nice, what more could you ask for? (A lower price? IT IS, NOW; 1/3 off what I has been worth it.) Get will not need another camera for most any reason, for a long time. Even the jpegs right out of the camera are right-on. Thanks, Canon!

      Problems Encountered: None; as with any camera I've owned: just turn off, re-insert the battery, turn on. All's well, then, OR remove lens, remount; most all my cameras occasionally need this to resolve any ERR, etc. messages, and they ALL have sometimes done this.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Fuji S3, S2,S7000,S9000; Canon 1D and A95, Nikon D100,D1,F100,F4s.

      Items I Recommend: 2.8 70-200 lens; fast short lens, also; consider Tokina for $$


      20d ...a bullet proof camera for amatuers and pros

      By Amos Harting

      from St. Louis, Missouri

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      I have used canon cameras for over 30 years. My purchase of a 10d 4 years ago lead me to the purchase of my 20d to up grade. I still use my 10d and now my canon 20d for all of my intra oral cosmetic pictures for teaching classes all over the country using them in my powerpoint presentations as well as dental journals. I have intervertently sold many rebels and 20 d's for laboratories and dentist all over the country because of their versatility,easy of use and durability. The 20d is an incredible camera of the canon digital camera family. It performs as it's predassesors beautifully and flawlessly.

      Problems Encountered: I have yet to experience any problems with my 20d after well over 7,500 pictures.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: 10d

      Items I Recommend: extra batteries, 17-35 canon lens and the 100mm canon macro lens and the canon 35-350 telephoto lens



      By Peter

      from NY

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):


      Problems Encountered: NONE SO FAR

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: REBEL 300D


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      Not professional? Pah.

      By John

      from Iowa, U.S.

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      To say the 20D isn't a professional's camera, I think, is a little absurd. Sure, if you spend a lot of time photographing in forest fires, rain storms or blizzards, you will probably want to go with a higher caliber frame, and if you shoot pix for Sports Illustrated, you might appreciate six or more frames per second. But, for the seasoned photojournalist, portrait photographer or commercial photog, this rig will do more than beat the competition.The 20D is well suited for the base level digital photo enthusiast as well, although it offers much more than a novice or amateur will ever use. Want to impress your neighborhood buddies with a sweet system for less than $2,000? The 20D will do it, and you don't have to be an MIT grad to use it.Of course, if you're printing larger than 11x17, a higher megapixel camera is the way to go, but for anything from family use to news print and online graphics, 8 megapixels is plenty.A photojournalist, myself, I shoot about 200 frames every day, and I use a 20D. With good glass and the right flash, I can read the writing on a football in mid pass from 30 yards away under the Friday night lights. I also capture the drama of house fires and the simplicity of a soft-lit portrait.Not as durable as a Nikon F? No camera made today is. But, for the price, the ease of use, the dependability and the quality, you can't beat the 20D. Anything more costly is simply overkill.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Nikon F, Olympus OM, Minolta (full line), Canon 10D

      Items I Recommend: battery pack


      ONE of the the BEST

      By Ocarlos22

      from Union City, NJ

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      I have been a digital photographer the past 3 years and thecanon camera has given me what I need and asked for. Thiscamera has become my number one camera from the 3 other Ihave and is the number one used in my school. My only thingthat I don't like is the preview on the LCD but this issomething that bothers me from all digital small or large. LCDs on digital still have to improve and hopefully thiswill soon happen.

      Problems Encountered: LCD screen needs to be improve on all digital cameras

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: 3 other cameras from Fujifil, Nikon,and Pentax

      Items I Recommend: Buy a lens that you will use daily.



      By Michael

      from CA

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      This camera is a joy to use from the beginning. Even if you are not a Canon user, the camera is easy to figure out. I have used my trusty Sony DSP-150 camera for a while and am very happy with it. However, the quality of the pictures from the Canon is outstanding. I especially like the natural rendering of the colors, and the smooth gradient of the files. This is something you have to see for yourself to believe! I have three minor complaints about this camera: the mirror lock-up is inconvenient to use; no spot metering; in my opinion parameter 1 and 2 are still too conservative for my taste-I now have my own parameter 3 with all parameters except color tone being at maximum. These settings, in my opinion, give me the picture which is much closer to what I had seen.

      Problems Encountered: None so far.

      Items I Recommend: The Battery Grip, Canon 580EX flash


      Beyond Words

      By Justin Johnson

      from Salisbury, NC

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      UPS delivered my new Canon 20D this past week. Got here in 3 days. Once out of the shipping box I immediately became excited! After opening the camera box I reached in and pulled out my new 20D. I couldn't put it down for a second. Every since then I use it 2 or 3 times a day to take pictures. The very first picture I took gave me chills!! The review on the LCD screen looked so good that I couldn't wait to download it into my computer and increase the size. Boy do the pictures look crisp and so clear at ISO 100. I took a few pics at ISO 800 and couldn't see hardly any noise if any at all! The camera has so many features compared to my Elan 7e film camera. It's like day and night. I wish I hadn't waited so long to switch to digital. This is so much better than having to pay for film processing. It is such a relief! Canon has another winner here. I love my film camera BUT this 20D has now become my new best friend! Thanks a million Canon for this great product!

      Problems Encountered: I've had the camera now for almost a week with no problems so far.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Canon Elan 7E

      Items I Recommend: 28-105 f3.5-4.5 II USM

      (1 of 1 customers found this review helpful)


      The best APS C/N sized camera. Fact, not opinion.

      By Anonymous

      from Phoenix, AZ

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      For over 2 years I deluded myself into thinking the D70 wasthe best camera in it's class. Being a long time Nikon userand in the pre D200 days I didn't think there could beanother camera that could outclass the D70. I had been usingit for over 2 years and believed the images coming out of itwere really first rate.That is until I got myself a used 20d a month ago. I don'town any Canon lenses (yet) but with a couple of adapters Ihave been using Olympus OM and Nikkor lenses with the 20d.It breaks my heart to realize what a truly mediocre camerathe D70 is. Really. Out of the camera jpegs from the D70 areawful ! I can understand deliberate underexposure..that's noteven a factor for me. But color, white balance, noise - itspitiful. I have heard from other people that even the D200is not that much better and requires piddling in photoshopto make the images look good.The 20d IS the benchmark for APS cameras. Jpegs straight outthe camera (Parameter 1) are superb, and have that classicISO 100 Canon look. Noise below 1600 is virtuallyunnoticeable. Color is true to life, even under incandescentlight with manually set white balance! That is sayingsomething. I took a couple of shots last night underfluorescent lighting with both the D70 and the 20d. The D70just couldn't get it right..either with the presets or evencustom white balance. The 20d on the other hand with auto WBgave a near perfect image. Bravo Canon ! The proof is in thepudding, Nikon can pack as many gizmos as they want in theirmid/upper models, but Canon takes the trophy based on imagequality alone. I won't even factor the superior ergonomicsand placement of controls in the 20d, because it willundermine the main issue -- image quality.I am seriously considering if I should make the switch toCanon for good. I know Nikon won't get any better, as theystubbornly stick with inferior CCD technology and the smallsensors for their upper end models. And the Canon 20d ispersuading me like nothing else!

      Problems Encountered: Have to press the 'view image' button twice before it can bezoomed into.Mirror slap noise is loud - draws attention in quiet places.WB under tungsten is weak. But everything else is phenomenal.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Nikon D70


      20D for over a year

      By birdphotographique

      from Oregon

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      I have been enjoying photography for over 50 years, startingwith a Brownie Hawkeye. I made the leap to 35mm SLR in 1962with a Minolta SR-1. My sister bought a Canon FTb when theycame to market, and, because of their breach-lock lensmount, I switched from the Minolta to a Canon Pellix QL. Ihave had seven Canon 35mm film cameras since, then switchedto digital with the Digital Rebel in Oct 2003. I bought the20D in March 2005 and have taken in excess of 12,000 shotswith it. I worked for an auto magazine where we used Bronica6x6 system. For over 10 years I have pursued naturephotography, primariy birds. I can say without reservationthat the DigiReb was the best camera I had owned to thattime and, with tripod shots equivalent to Bronica could getnearly, if not the same, quality I could get with the 6x6(taking into account film grain). I was impressed with theDigiReb quality; and the 20D is a significant step up fromthe DigiReb. After a year of using the camera, I am stillimpressed with what it will capture that I could not dreamof capturing with any film camera. The DigiReb is our backupcamera with 28-135 IS USM, and my wife uses it to photographflowers and (her quest) mushrooms. The 20D mounts the100-400 IS USM which I almost always have at full extensiongiving an equivalent of 640mm with the 1.6 conversionfactor. In the past, I've used some aftermarket lenses andaccessories, but was not fully satisfied. From our Elan 7e(x2) onward, I've used only Canon lenses and accessories andplan to stay with that practice in the future. The cameracase includes 2x extender, remote releases, BP-2 grip, BP-1for the DigiReb, 550EX flash, Better-Beemer flash extender,extra batteries (which, thankfully, fit both cameras), andtoo many other toys to mention. 30D here I come.

      Problems Encountered: Only the occasional loose grip shuts the cameradown syndrome.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Minolta SR-1; Canon Pellix QL, TLb, FTb QL, EF (x2), F-1, Elan 7e (x2).

      Items I Recommend: Any Canon accessories that meet your needs, especially IS lenses.


      A wonderful edition for professional or advanced amateur

      By -Ocelot-

      from United States, KY

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      As I work in magazine photography (photojournalistic andartistic), I'm constantly confronted with shoots thatrequire a dependable camera. The CANON 20D is my choiceamong the Fuji FinePix S2Pro and the Nikon D70 we alsocarry. I have written recommendations for this camera tomany people and even a digital SLR review for a nationalmagazine photography newsletter designating the Canon 20D asone of the best priced advanced DSLRs on the market still.If you can afford this price range of digital camera, thenyou are buying a lasting piece of equipment.

      Problems Encountered: The only problems I have encountered in the 9 months of useand over 8k shots is the camera's tendency to disregardnon-Canon external flashes and the programming glich whichstops writing to the CF card if the CF Bay door isaccidentally opened while writing. Although mostphotographers know not to remove the memory card while thecamera is writing, this unfortunate programming glichbecomes tiresome after a successful rapid fire series.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Fuji FinePix S2Pro, and Nikon D70

      Items I Recommend: Accessories depend on your use for the camera...


      Fabulous camera for adventure travel

      By Chris LaVesser

      from Milwaukee, WI

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      I recently took this camera on a Mountaineering trip that featured bitter cold temperatures, painful blowing snow, and rough terrain. Between the occasional pounding the camera was receiving and the environmental issues, I fully expected that this camera would fail to turn on at least once.My fears never came true.This camera performed flawlessly the entire trip, without so much as a whimper. I was able to capture many beautiful images between whiteouts and falls, and the 20D kept up with us the whole time.I did sleep with the battery close to me, but other than that, the camera hung in a Lowe Pro TZ2 case around my neck the whole time. The camera did not receive any special protection.So, rugged, reliable, and great image quality in this package. And, with the BG-E2 taken off, it isn't that heavy either. It was a lot lighter to carry than my EOS 1N.Thanks, Canon!

      Problems Encountered: The optional BG-E2 grip can come loose, which will momentarily make the camera appear to be dead...until you re tighten it and the contacts are again touching.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Canon EOS 1N

      Items I Recommend: BG-E2 Grip - makes vertical shooting nice and increases battery capacity


      Canon 20D Great SLR, 12K pictures and still going on strong.

      By Brad Loveland

      from Utah

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      I have been using the 20D for about 9 months now and have taken more than 12,000 pictures. It still runs like a champ. My first BG-E2 grip had a problem and Canon replaced it in one week. I regularly get 600-850 pictures per battery charge. I had the camera about 1 week before determining that I needed to upgrade my lenses to the L series lenses. I have the 70-200 F4 and the 17-40mm. Both work very well. I also have a 50mm lens which takes really sharp pictures. I have made many 20x30 enlargements from the 70-200 and 50mm lens which look amazing. The 17-40mm does an excellent job but isn't quite as sharp as the other lenses. It took me about 1 month to start shooting all of my pictures in RAW format. I have found that when I shoot all of my pictures in the RAW format, they turn out excellent and I have a huge flexibility of tuning the color, sharpness and exposure before creating a JPG of TIF and editing them in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements 4. I have had poor success editing RAW files directly in either Adobe program. (Probably operator error.) I sold my Hasselblad and EOS1 to move into the Digital SLR market and am very happy with the results. What I am waiting for now is a 16 Megagpixel 30D. That way I can have a camera which has the resolution I want and the new LCD screen (easier to view in full light). When that camera comes out, I am going to upgrade! The 5D is a terrific camera but feels much larger and heavier to carry around (similar to my EOS1 which I had for 14 years.) In my opinion, the jury is still out on the 1.6 vs 1.0 camera debate. I regularly use the camera with color corrected studio flash lighting and I get excellent.

      Problems Encountered: Only issues I have is with the grip and that the camera consistently underexposes pictures when I have the the 480 EX and shoot white clothing. (This is fixed very easily in the EOS viewer program.) My brother's 20D does the same thing. If I shoot in RAW format, I have always been able to get the photograph. I have never missed a shot due to an exposure problem.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: EOS1, Hasselblad

      Items I Recommend: L series lenses, 70-200mm F4, 24-105mm F4, 17-40mm

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      Great camera well worth every penny

      By George Bellace

      from NJ

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      This camera is an upgrade from my Canon Digital Rebel 300D. Compared to my former camera, the 300D is like a toy. Aside from the obvious characteristics (megapixel increase, features and such) the weight and solid build of this camera makes you realize that this is the REAL thing. I was very in pressed with the feel of this camera. But that wasn't enough to convince me... it had to take good pics and be easy to use. Well, the 20D has it all. The controls are much easier to access and are very ergonomic. Features which were only accessible through the menu are now easily access with the multiple function wheels and joystick. I also hear people complain about the loud shutter... what are people talking about? Most digital cameras use a pseudo shutter sound... like a soundbyte. Digital SLRs shutter sound is a real shutter click. The one on the 300D was very quiet compared to the 20D. But compared to old Hanimex 35mm SLR... the 20D sounds like a real camera... CLICK. I like it! Again, it feels like you're holding a REAL camera in your hands. At the very least get the EF-S 17-85mm IS USM lens. Unless you can afford an L series lens, this EF-S lens is the way to go.All-in-all this is a great camera. When you realize that the next best camera that Canon offers is $2000 more than the 20D, you quickly wonder what the 5D can offer other than megapixels. I honestly believe that you CAN NOT buy a better camera for the money.

      Problems Encountered: Every time I purchase a new lens of accessory, it makes my savings account get smaller!! Oh wait, that's not the camera... that's photography in general!!

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Canon Digital Rebel 300D

      Items I Recommend: 17-85mm IS USM Lens


      EOS 20D Software is lacking

      By Jim Plogger

      from Maryville, TN

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      The Canon EOS20D in itself is a fine camera. However, I was somewhat disappointed that jpegs save at 72 dpi instead of 180 dpi as the EOS10D. It would have been nice to be able to select this in the Menu. But, my biggest disappointment is with the EOS Capture software that comes with the camera. This software replaces RemoteCapture that came bundled with the EOS10D. With RemoteCapture I was able to do product photography by scanning the product UPS code with a hand scanner and the part number was entered automatically into the filename field before shooting. I have yet to figure out a way to do this with EOS Capture. Plus, EOS Capture must be opened from within the Canon EOS Viewer Utility making it very user unfriendly. In terms of the software, I feel that the EOD20D was a downgrade from the EOS10D. If software is not of a concern, then the EOS20D is a fine camera.

      Problems Encountered: I have had no problems with the camera, only the software is unacceptable.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: EOS 10D



      By Photographer

      from Pennsylvania

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      I had my camera for about one year and it has been great. first off... its a canon so its obviously going to be good. but seriously now, i think for its price it is the best on the market. the overall feel of the camera is great... not too heavy but not light enough for it to slip out of your hand. the way the camera was made is great, the buttons and dials all make it easy to make a quick change. the viewfinder is also nice because of how many points of focus there are, and it displays all your settings nicely. i like how it has the option of simple use as well as the more advanced use so it is a camera for anyone. i don't think canon wanted this to be a professional camera but... it sure is close and could easily be considered a pro or beginners camera. the features of the camera are great and easy to use. the ability to change sharpness and whitebalance etc is great which some lower grade cameras do not allow you to use.focus... one of the most important things you have to worry about when taking a picture... the EOS 20D can sometimes 'trick' you into what is and what is not in focus. if you use a new lens from canon with Ultra Sonic Motor (USM) built in then you may find the image to be SLIGHTLY off focus. now when i say slight i mean slight and you don't notice it unless you really try HARD. shutter... the shutter is louder then other DSLRs out there. HOWEVER compare this camera to most 35mm cameras and you will find that it is just the same or not as loud. trust me, you can get over this.

      Problems Encountered: no camera is perfect. canon may or may not have intended this (good move by them if they did) but the camera doesnt like other non-canon lenses. ERROR 99 as this is called in canon terms. sometimes when using a non canon lens the camera will lock up and not take a picture, meaning yes, the shot is lost and yes, you have to turn off the camera and take the lens off and try again. the camera is picky and only does this sometimes. also, the camera doesnt always like non-canon flashes. this doesnt happen nearly as much but sometimes the camera will not take a picture because of the flash (i use a sunpak pz5000 just so you know). those problems are not too common but they are something to consider. although in my opinion canon makes the best lenses and i think many people agree.other then that no problems... I LOVE THIS CAMERA

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: first DSLR but other canon 35mm SLRs

      Items I Recommend: youre going to want canon lenses. try to get USM... this will focus MUCH faster (GREAT for action)


      New to SLR and Digital SLR Cameras

      By Jason

      from USA, MD

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      I got the 20D in Dec. 2005 and have been enjoying it ever since. I'm very new to SLR cameras and this camera is somewhat easy to use. I read thru the owners manual a few times and played with the camera while reading the manual. I'm still learning and am having a lot of fun. I would suggest this camera over the EOS Rebel because of the size and weight. It feels better in the hands and easier to hold.

      Problems Encountered: I have big fingers and the Power switch is a little tricky to use.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: Fujifilm snap and shoot.

      Items I Recommend: eye pi550 or 580 EX flashece extender, Canon Len70mm-300mm USM IS s


      I'll echo most of what's been said here with one caveat.

      By Anonymous

      from Britt, MN

      Comments about Canon EOS 20D Digital Camera (Camera Body):

      Overall I'm very happy with the camera. I just ordered a battery grip primarily for the vertical controls. I shoot outdoors a lot in the winter so my spare battery resides primarily in my warm pocket. Also, I wish it emptied one battery and then switched to the other as it's easier to charge one battery fully vs. two partially discharged ones. This is a minor gripe and pertains to the BG-E2, not the 20d.The Sigma 500DG Super has worked flawlessly on this camera.My other complaint is not really fair either as I knew the specs before buying. Having said that, I really wish the flash synch speed were greater than 1/250th second. For my particular shooting style, 1/500th would be a great boon. I take a lot of HS swimming photos in abysmally lit NE Minnesota pools so a flash is a necessity, even with my 85mm/1.8 lens (a great lens for the money BTW). I find that at 1/250th with a flash I still get considerable blurring of fast moving subjects. I fell into the high speed synch camp for a while but finally realized that it was worse (this is well documented on the net) Nikon has a 1/500th flash synch so I know it can be done, but I'm married to Canon (overall, happily I might add) due to my investment in lenses.Overall I would say this camera is a real improvement over my 300d Rebel.

      Problems Encountered: I have had the camera freeze twice. Shutting off and restarting reset it without problems.

      Previous Equivalent Items Owned: 300d Rebel

      Items I Recommend: 24-70/2.8, 85/1.8, 70-200is (dreaming), Sigma 500DG Super

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