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Good-bye, expensive repairs.
What does a SquareTrade plan cover?
Common Failures from Normal Use

From broken screens and buttons to failed speakers and hard drives, we cover you beyond the manufacturer's warranty, or if the manufacturer denies coverage for common failures.
Drops & Spills Protection for Portable Devices

Drop it? Spill on it? No worries. For all portable electronic devices, we offer protection from accidents caused by you and people you know.
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How does a SquareTrade plan work?
2-day service guarantee
We'll repair or replace your item in two business days or less after we've received it, or your plan is free.
100% Parts & Labor, No Deductibles
We've got you covered. You pay nothing.
In-home Service for Large TVs and Desktops
If your large TV or desktop needs service, we'll send a repair provider over to your house to fix it.
Free Express Shipping
We give you a pre-paid express shipping label and packing material to send your item to us. After we fix it, we send it back to you, FREE.
Worldwide Coverage
We offer coverage no matter which part of the world you are in. If you need a repair while abroad, send us a valid repair receipt for your item and we will quickly reimburse you.
24/7 Customer Support
We're here, no matter when you need us.
Easy Online Management
You can view, print, cancel, and transfer your plan, file a claim, and track its progress, 24/7 at squaretrade.com
Cut the paperwork
Fax or email us your receipt and we'll store it as proof of purchase. That's one less piece of paper to keep track of.