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NAPP Memberships - National Association of Photoshop Professionals


NAPP Member Benefits

Your NAPP membership gives you access to all this for less than $2 a week. Plus, we are constantly adding new features and benefits without ever raising the membership price!

Photoshop User Magazine

Ten issues of the best Photoshop and Lightroom tutorial-based magazine in the industry

Tutorials & Education

Thousands of Photoshop Tutorials, bonus classes and quick tip videos.

Member Discounts

Save anywhere from 2-4 times your membership cost by using of just one of our many industry-related discounts!

Online Tech Support

Fast, friendly Photoshop, Lightroom, and photo gear help, equipment advice and more from certified experts.

Meet Scott Kelby

Learn more about our founder and president - author, publisher, educator, podcaster, and photographer - Scott Kelby.

Photoshop World

NAPP's member conference is also the world's largest Photoshop/photography learning experience on the planet!

News & Reviews

Unbiased coverage on the latest equipment, plug-ins and programs on the market. Plus, a monthly newsletter to keep you informed of everything new at NAPP.

Member Community

NAPP members range from beginners to pros and love to lend each other a hand. Together,we have built the friendliest most knowledgeable Photoshop/photography forum on the web.

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100% Money Back Guaranteed

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Kelby Training - DVD: Photoshop CS4
Beauty & Portrait Retouching Kit
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Kelby Training - DVD:
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Kelby Training - DVD:
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Kelby Training - DVD:
Wedding Photography: Rapid-Fire
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