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Mother's Day Gift Ideas @ B&H

A Selection of Quality, Easy-to-Use Gift's for the Busy Mom in Your Life

Attention all dads, sons, daughters, and all others deeply indebted to Mom! Mother's Day is just around the corner, and that means you have a fresh opportunity to atone for all the times you left your socks lying on the floor, drank OJ directly out of the container, made rude noises at the dinner table, not to mention the countless times you razzled Mom without even realizing it (and ultimately paid for none-the-same).

To help bring you back into Mom's graces once again, B&H offers this compilation of high-quality, yet easy-to-use gift ideas guaranteed to you look like the thoughtful person you truly are… even if you do leave your socks on the floor, drink from the container, make those rude noises, etc, etc, etc.

Epson PictureMate Snap

Tired of missing the first inning of the game because you had to run into town for that pile of snapshots you promised Mom you would pick up last Sunday? Epson’s compact PictureMate Snap ($129.95) makes printing long-lasting, photo-quality, color prints from digital memory cards…well… a snap. The one-touch PictureMate Snap is simple to set up and produces beautiful, pro-quality 4x6, wallet, and index prints in 45 seconds without having to first take a detour to your computer along the way. A built-in memory card slots accept all popular memory cards including SD, xD, CF, and Sony Memory Sticks, and you can adjust sharpness, brightness, remove red-eye, and crop photos directly on the printer’s 2.5-inch LCD screen. Epson offers a choice of glossy or matte papers that are archival, resistant to smudges, scratches, water and fading. So no more trekking to drug stores and photo kiosks or waiting for prints from on-line services. Mom will be a happy printer, and you'll never miss the first pitch again.

Canon Powershot Digital Elph SD1000

Designed in the classic Canon Elph style, this camera has all of the latest bells and whistles. The Canon exclusive Digic 3 microchip features face detection and automatic red eye correction technology, along with a 7.1 megapixel sensor for top quality pictures up to 11"X14". It also features a bright, 2.5" Extrafine screen for on-the-spot gratification.

The Canon Powershot Digital Elph SD1000 ($219) Face Detection technology means your camera concentrates itself by focusing and exposing for your subject's face, not an average of the whole frame like other cameras. This allows mom to enjoy what's happening instead of being fiddling with settings.

If this is Mom's first digital camera, she will appreciate the optical viewfinder - a unique feature for a camera of this size. The viewfinder is often missed by former film camera users, and saves battery life as well.

If Mom is ready to forgo the tradition of holding a camera up to her eyes, the 2.5 inch PURECOLOR screen is clear and bright in every situation. This screen packs an amazing 207,000 pixels into 2.5 diagonal inches. More pixels mean more detail. Another unique Canon feature is Night Display for easy viewing in low light. This also makes viewing menus and settings easy. If Mom speaks (or is learning) languages other than English, you don't need to worry - the SD1000 features menus and settings in 25 languages.

The SD1000 lets mom choose ether 16X9 (widescreen) for viewing on HDTV's and many digital frames, or tradition 4:3 for printing without cropping. In the highest quality setting , Mom will get about 300 photos per 1GB of secure digital memory. The camera ships with a 32 Megabyte card, so you might want to consider an additional card for all of the great photos Mom will take (and don't forget to smile!).

Like all Canons cameras, the SD1000 features Pictbridge, a technology that allows you to plug your USB 2 cable (included) directly into a Pictbridge- enabled printer allowing you to print without a computer.

The included battery lasts for about 210 shots and the charger (also included) can charge the battery in roughly 90 minutes. The charger can be used worldwide (AC 100 - 240v, 50 - 60Hz ) and plugs directly into the wall, making it very portable- great for the traveling Mom!

The 3x optical zoom has an aperture of f2.8-f4.9 and is equivalent to a 35-105mm on Mom's old 35mm film camera. Most people find that this much zoom is enough for them. If your mom likes to take a lot of telephoto shots, consider the Powershot S3 IS.

The more you can tell any automatic camera about lighting and the subject the better it will serve you. Canon's "Special Shooting" modes lets you give "clues" to your camera about your subject matter, lighting conditions, and in some cases both. This helps the SD1000 select the most appropriate settings to make Mom's pictures look their best. Certain lighting situations are difficult for all cameras, (and my mom will tell you some children are difficult in all situations) but with this camera's built-in special scene the SD1000 excels: Snow, Underwater (with appropriate housing LINK), kids, pets and more. The SD1000 knows exactly what to do-which is a feature I am sure my mom wish she had when bringing me up.

While no point and shoot camera is available yet that replaces a video camera, the SD1000 does have a movie mode that can record smooth (30 frames per second) full screen video (640X480). The length is only limited by the size of mom's memory card!

Like your Mom, the SD1000 is prepared to make every situation a memorable one, with panache and minimum fuss.

Sony VRD-MC3

Do you really want to look like a hero in Mom's eyes? The Sony VRD-MC3 ($229.95) stand-alone DVD recorder provides the easiest and quickest way to transfer and archive the stacks of family videos lining the shelves onto convenient, easy-to-store video DVDs for playback on DVD players and computer screens. The Sony VRD-MC3 provides real-time video DVD burning from virtually any camcorder or VCR. Connectivity options are provided for most all video formats including older VHS and 8mm analog varieties to today’s Mini DV, DVD, and HDD-format camcorders. The VRD-MC3 also features built-in SD, xD, CF, and Memory Stick card slots for in-camera archiving of digital photos to DVD-Rs, or for making DVD video slideshows. All operations are carried out through the built-in 2.5-inch color LCD display that features a clear, easy-to-use menu system. The simplicity and flexibility of the Sony VRD-MC3 make it ideal for creating video and photo DVDs without the hassle of connecting to a computer.

Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv231us Notebook Computer

Hewlett Packard Pavilion dv231us notebook ($899.95 after Rebate) may be a name that seems like it was culled from a bowl of alphabet soup, but don’t let that turn you away. This laptop should be a serious consideration for Moms who are into downloading digital pictures, burning home movies onto DVD, and updating iPod shuffles while schmoozing online?

Here’s what you should know about the system: it’s got a dual-core 1.6 GHz AMD Turion 64 X2 CPU under the hood, along with a gig of RAM, GeForce Go 6150 graphics, DVD burner with LightScribe, a memory card reader, an integrated webcam and built-in Wi-Fi. Oh, and a 14.1” widescreen LCD with a 1280 x 800 native resolution, with Windows Vista Home Premium as the operating system.

Here’s what Mom wants to know: The computer weighs in at 5.4 pounds and sports a 14.1” screen making it very usable for day to day tasks. The memory card reader and HP PhotoSmart software work together to create a digital photo library of family snapshots. There is FireWire for digital video capture, perfect for putting home movies on DVD, and a webcam for video conferencing with colleagues, children and the grandchildren whom she doesn’t get to see as often as she wishes she could. Oh, and Windows Vista? It’s the prettiest operating system that Microsoft has ever released. Even Mom will approve.

Canon HV-10/HV-20 HDV Camcorders

There's nothing sadder than a Mom with high-definition aspirations and small hands. With that in mind, Canon has introduced the HV10 ($795.00) and HV20 ($1099.00) camcorders. These slim-bodied HV-series camcorders record video in high-definition. An HDMI port allows for single-cable connection to the latest HDTVs.

Both camcorders feature Canon's patented 24p Cinema Mode, which enables Mom to capture life's memorable moments at movie theater frame rates. This takes away that somewhat documentary “video look” that has been associated with home video cameras in the past, making last year’s trip to the Grand Canyon akin to something that John Ford could have shot in Monument Valley.

Both camcorders record video digitally onto MiniDV tapes, which are ubiquitous to the point that you can buy them at the supermarket in a pinch. They connect to a computer via FireWire, allowing mom to download, edit and burn home movies onto DVD to “entertain” relatives near and far.

Canon’s Super-Range Optical Image Stabilizer helps deliver smooth, steady video, even at longer focal lengths. At home, on the soccer field, or while out parasailing with the girls, Mom will be able to capture the same film-like, high-definition video, regardless of her glove size.

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