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B&H Tips and Tricks
By Sam Mallery

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Keeping track in the back of the rack
What's the #1 enemy in your production studio? That's right, unwanted noise. One effective way to keep your noise floor down is to separate your power cables from your audio cables. This can be especially tricky in the back of a rack full of gear. Mindfully organizing your assorted wires with cable ties and easy covers can make all the difference. I have a Furman power conditioner at the top of my rack because it helps filter out noise. I was always having trouble seeing when I climbed behind the rack. Most rack-mounted Furmans have a place to plug in a GN-LED or any BCN mixer lamp so you have lights in the back of the rack, where you really need them.

Furman power conditioners reduce unwanted noise

It's a Boompole! It's a Monopod! Hey! It's a Gitzo!
Gitzo is a company that produces the most affordable boompoles available at B&H. Their products are sturdy and easy to use, and an extremely popular choice for first time boompole buyers. However, many people don't realize is that this boompole has a secret second life. The 3/8” screw at the end of the pole where you attach a microphone mount can be unscrewed and flipped over. The opposite side of this screw is a tripod-sized thread, so the very same pole can double as a monopod. Feel free to carefully hoist up your camera for the most affordable crane shot in the industry!

Gitzo boompoles also double as monopods

Keep those ears nice n' toasty in the winter, and less sweaty in the summer!!
For those of you who find yourselves working outdoors in Chicago during February, or perhaps you're recording basic tracks in a steamy live room in Georgia during August, a product exists that promises to both heat and cool you. Garfield Headphone Softies are little cushy muffs that fit over most circum-aural headphones (namely Sony's 7506), without disturbing the audio quality. They're available in different colors, so when you walk back into the live room for another take, you won't get your pair mixed up with the drummer's.

Keeping comfortable in the studio

Make sure the masterpiece you created on your DAW exists!
This is a lesson many of us have learned the hard way. The precious files you create on your hard drive simply do not exist until they are backed-up in two separate locations. Why two locations? Just as your hard drive can crash, and the building the back-ups are stored in can burn to the ground. The tried and true solution is to burn hard copies of important files on CD or DVD. Make this practice a habit. In addition, create a new email account specifically for data back-up through one of the many free email services on the internet. Start sending the files to yourself. Voilà. Two locations.

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