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The New Portable Mojo SDI
Broadcast quality in an "on-the-road" format

By James Fisher

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It is no accident that Avid is one of the leading names in the desktop video editing industry. Editors have long recognized the quality of their software and hardware solutions for video post-production. While there are many options for editors in a rather crowded market today, Avid remains the brand name most associated with professional video post production work.

Avid offers a line of Digital Nonlinear Accelerator devices that work with Avid software to help improve your workflow. Avid DNAs work with your computer's CPU to divide up the work of video editing and processing. The software will leverage the power of the CPU to perform some tasks while using the DNA to handle media processing. This extra processing horsepower allows you to work with high resolution video and apply many effects and transitions in real-time, without overtaxing your computer's CPU.

The Avid Mojo is the "entry-level" device in the DNA family. Previously the portable Mojo only featured FireWire, Component, Composite and S-Video input and output. Users who required broadcast-quality SDI video connections were limited to using an Avid Nitris or Adrenaline DNA. While these systems provide outstanding power, they are designed for professional installations and are certainly not portable.

Now Avid has filled that gap by introducing the Mojo SDI. Housed in the same compact form factor as the previous versions of the Mojo, you'll quickly notice that it functions in many of the same ways. Simply connect the appropriate video cables and computer connections, fire up your Avid editing suite of choice and start working.

The core difference between the Mojo and Mojo SDI is the ability to input and output video and audio over the SDI connections. This allows you to effectively use the Mojo in a broadcast video environment. News editors should especially appreciate this, as it allows you to more easily edit in the field.

Anyone who is currently using a Mojo for broadcast work and would like to reap the benefits of the SDI video interface should consider moving up to the Mojo SDI. The same goes for Adrenaline or Nitris editors who are interested in obtaining a more portable solution without sacrificing quality.

B&H is now accepting orders on the Avid Mojo SDI.

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