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Affordable Nightvision from Night Detective
Shining a light on the ND-3 Quest nightvision monocular

By Jarrod Connerty

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If you like to keep an eye on the world around you, then your list of must-have items should include a night vision monocular. With just a bit of starlight or moonlight, these instruments let you see in the dark and, with the help of an infrared illuminator, even in total darkness. While they are very entertaining -- on a walk through woods at night for example -- they also have practical uses; I know a couple with a large yard and three active dogs who use their night vision monocular to keep an eye on the dogs' location on the property.

There are currently 4 generations of night vision technology -- I'll spare you the details of them here. Suffice to say that they all work well, and each successive generation works considerably better than the previous generation. Alas, only the 1st generation can be currently produced at costs practical for average consumers.

Within the 1st generation there are minor variances which can improve the viewing experience; we believe that the 352935Night Detective ND-Q3 Quest monocular with the optional integrated K3 Pro infrared illuminator provides a solid combination of quality and value.

The Quest has a very bright f/1.2 aperture viewing lens, which is very important in the world of night vision; with it plenty of light reaches the image intensifier tube within the device. The ND-Q3 Quest is also easy to handle and won’t weigh you down on long walks at night.

What truly sets this unit apart though is the exceptional K3 Pro infrared illuminator built into the unit. Without any practical amounts of starlight or moonlight, night vision monoculars are dependent upon projection of infrared beams for users to see. Many included infrared beams are only effective to a few paces in front of you, but the K3 Pro infrared illuminator is quite powerful. On cloudy nights with a covered moon, you can detect people from distances well over 100 meters -- a quantum leap over the average unit.

The Night Detective ND-Q3 Quest monocular is available on the B&H website with the integrated K3 Pro infrared illuminator or as a stand alone unit. Also see our full line of night vision products.

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