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Pelican Cases
They May Not Fly Like Birds — But They Crash Better

Text by Allan Weitz

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When it comes to the "We Stand Behind Our Products Come Hell or High Water (literally in this case) Product Integrity Award", the Lifetime Warranty printed on the side of each Pelican shipping box sums it up when it claims "Pelican Cases are guaranteed to withstand anything and everything with the exception of shark bites, bear attacks and children under 5-years old". If you can top that I’ve got a box of donuts waiting for you.

Tongue-in-cheek warranty claims aside, Pelican offers an extensive line of waterproof, dustproof, and crushproof cases designed to survive the nastiest of airport baggage handlers, earthquakes, celebrity mood-swings, and tsunamis. Built out of polypropylene copolymer, Pelican cases can take a lickin' and keep on tickin' without loosing their shape or integrity. Although Pelican cases weigh more than comparably-sized 'soft' cases, you’re guaranteed a far lower 'ooops' factor should you accidentally drop or bash a loaded case against a hard surface.

To keep rain and moisture at bay, Pelicans contain 'O' rings designed to keep the ocean out when necessary. Most Pelicans also feature air-pressure relief valves to make it easier to open your case after high-altitude plane rides. In addition to sturdy latch systems, many Pelican cases also have provisions for multiple padlocks to further secure your belongings.

While most all Pelicans come in basic black, some, but not all models can be ordered in orange, silver, yellow, green, or desert tan. Pre-scored 'Pick-n-Pluck' foam is standard-issue in most cases with many models offering the option of padded dividers. Most models can also be ordered 'case-only'.

To brighten the season Pelican has introduced a few new additions to the line up. For laptops up to 12-or-so inches you should take a look at the new shock-resistant Pelican Hardback 1080, available in Charcoal or Black. For laptops up to 17" Pelican also offers the Protector 1495, which is available with either 'Pick-n-Pluck' foam, a Flex Tray and Lid Organizer, or foam interior with Lid Organizer.

The Pelican 1440 is a 'wheelie-style' top-loader for those seeking a sturdy (19.7" x 12" x 18") case that will transport fragile gear from here-to-there safely and securely. For larger gear Pelican offers the model 1640, another 'wheelie' case that will swallow up a cargo load of up to 27.2x27.5x16.3". Like many Pelican cases, the 1640 is available with 'pick & pluck' foam or padded dividers.

Aside from these new listings, B&H carries a vast variety of Pelican cases made to protect every form of photo gear from meters to lighting systems, CPUs, LCDs music instruments, rifles, and most any other delicate instrument you travel around with.

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