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Papa's Got a Brand New Bag
What's Mama gonna' say?

Text by Allan Weitz

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One of the best things about buying a new camera, a new computer, or new what-have-you, is that it is a perfect excuse to buy a new bag. I donít know about you, but I currently have about 14 camera bags. And you know what? Iím still looking for the perfect bag. Some people search for the meaning of life... some people search for the perfect bag. No matter where you fall in the above equation, just keep one thing in mind — if you ever do find the true meaning of life; make sure you have the right bag with you so you can get it home safely and securely.

The "2 Million Dollar Home"
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Beginning with this issue of the B&H Newsletter we will be highlighting a selection of new offerings from each of the various bag and case manufacturers whose wares are available through B&H. Are any of them perfect for your current needs? Hey... you never know. To kick off our new venture we decided to take a look at one of the more adventurous bag manufacturers... Crumpler.

Now I donít know if extended exposure to the Ozone Hole has affected the psychological make-up of the general populace of Australia, but a quick browse through a Crumpler catalog indicates the folks in the design and marketing departments of Crumpler spend an awful lot of time outdoors.

Crumpler bags are noticeably different from the rest of the pack. The design and color options of Crumpler bags, pouches, and backpacks are totally unorthodox. You either love them or hate them (and most people love them). From a construction point of view, they are first-class all the way. Your gear is well protected from the bumps and bangs of the outside world, and they are stitched together in a way that guarantees years of service. Most all of Crumplerís offerings are made of 900/1000D weather resistant materials and utilize Velcro fasteners and 'ClickFlick TM bucklesí' like they're going out of style.

Crumpler Bags come in a variety of styles
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The Crumpler family includes photo/laptop backpacks, photo bags, and pouches in color combinations that will make your head spin (yellas, reds, bloos, oatmeals, blacks, and cow poo — these are Crumpler's descriptions... not ours). The backpacks are a particular favorite as they incorporate see-through mesh enclosures that keep everything in its rightful place and visible at the same time. Another nice feature is the way they designed the shoulder straps, which prevent you from accidentally spilling the contents of your bag if you forget to close the zipper before throwing the bag over your shoulder.

Among the newer items from Crumpler are 'The Bundle (L)' and 'The 2 Million Dollar Home', both of which are designed to tote around digicams and/or portable sound systems along with the usual accessories. Both of these new beauties are constructed of weather-resistant "Ripstop snortin" nylon and contain pockets, pouches (hidden and otherwise) for tucking away all the little itty-bitties you need to get through the day (and like I mentioned earlier, lots of Velcro and ClickFlick™ buckles).

The Bundle (L)
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The Bundle (L) is available in 3 sizes and a choice of 4 color combinations. The 2 Million Dollar Home is available in 7 sizes and 4 color combinations. Be advised — Most people who by a Crumpler bag end up owning 3 or 4 of them.

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