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Home Theater #3
Owner: Bill Gibbons - Stafford, VA
Projector: InFocus Screenplay 4805

Two years ago, when Bill Gibbons first started to think about building a home theater, he planned on using a big screen TV. When he saw the Infocus Screenplay 4805 on TV, he bought it on impulse. "As it turns out," says Bill, "the 4805 is one of the great budget projectors on the market. Although the projector is not an HD projector it has a fantastic image".

Bill had already converted half of his garage into a home office/library and decided to use the other half for his theater. "Since I already had divided the garage with a wall down the middle the only thing left to do was to construct a wall to block the garage door, insulate and drywall the remaining walls".

Since building his home theater Bill hasnít gone out to the movies at all. "What's nice about the home theater is that I don't have to schedule my time around the start time of a movie, I just get into my pajamas and robe and sit down and watch".

Bill also went to the next level in replicating the commercial cinema experience by adding an anamorphic lens to his projector. These pricey, but very cool, lenses present 2.35 aspect ratio films (which include most Hollywood blockbusters) in their full widescreen glory with no letterboxing black bars above or below.

Bill also has received a lot of positive feedback; "The comment that I receive the most is ‘This is great; boy I would like to do something like this’."

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