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Home Theater #4
Owner: Sean Burke, Aurora, CO
Projector: InFocus Screenplay 4805


Sean Burke’s basement home theater was a do-it-yourself project; "It was a great learning experience. You never know how much you can do yourself until you try it!" The space combines the laid back feel of a "groovy" bohemian lounge with the luxurious comfort of a high-end movie theater. "Everyone that comes over and sees the theater loves it and is ready to build one of their own".

Sean makes a compelling case for the benefits of watching movies at home; "At home we have great popcorn, great nachos, great beer if we like, or maybe even a nice martini for our movie. We always get the best seats and we can sit comfortably. We don't have the noisy group of teenagers yacking through the whole movie, or the crying baby in front, or the guy who can't turn his cell phone off because he's too important. The only thing the commercial theater has on my theater is movie release dates".

Sean also added some small touches to recreate the "real theater" experience; "I placed some rope lighting under the sofa and loveseat and I have it wired to a remote switch. When the previews are on and everyone is getting settled, I turn these lights on. It's a nice little effect".

Like Bill Gibbons, Sean also chose the InFocus Screenplay 4805 as his projector; "I love my InFocus 4805! I actually attended a projector shoot-out where I saw the 4805 up against many higher end projectors (we're talking projectors that aren't just double the price, but 3 to 5 times more). I can honestly say that the 4805 held its own against those other guys".

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