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Charlie Smart's Home Theater - Connecticut
Projector: Sanyo PLV-Z4

"We wanted a set up that would be for special occasions which is why we left the small built-in TV in place when we installed the screen. The WOW factor you get from guests when you pull the giant screen down over the 32" TV still puts a grin on my face. After almost 2 years of research (no kidding) I realize now that all the little things I obsessed about mattered little in the end. The Z4 has about a million things that can be tweaked using the setup menus but to this day all we've done is turn it on and enjoy the show. If you have the light control and have been thinking about a home theater I would suggest you don't wait 2 years like I did... take the plunge and have fun!" Charlie Smart

Robert Higgs' Home Theater - Houston, TX
Projector: Panasonic PT-AE900U

"I'm very happy with the Panasonic PT-AE900U, especially for the price. I chose it because I wanted the film-like look and the lack of Screen Door Effect the Panny was supposed to deliver - and deliver it does. The "wow" factor hasn't lessened one bit in the three months I've owned it. Nothing in the realm of home entertainment can compare to owning a home theater projector. If you're thinking about it, go for it." Robert Higgs

Lefteris Koykoyrakis' Home Theater - Chania, Crete, Greece
Projector: Panasonic PT-AE900U

"My home theater isn't finished yet (I still need curtains, seats, an equipment rack etc.). Keep in mind that all of the work is "do-it-yourself" and that it didn't cost me more than 2000 Euro (to build the home theater, not for the equipment)".
Lefteris Koykoyrakis

Jeff Sterge's Home Theater - Albany, NY
Projector: InFocus Screenplay 4805

"Our HT is in the finished section of our basement.  After having 2 kids and realizing that toys and baby equipment were taking over the house, my wife and I decided to do a basement remodel to give us more room. Although the primary purpose of the basement was to serve as a playroom, I knew it would make a perfect HT so I designed the layout with that in mind.  My plan was for a double "playroom"  - Dad's playroom on one side and the kid's playroom on the other".
  Nick (age 6) enjoys Dad's playroom
with "Cuddles" the cat.
"Some people avoid front projectors because they think the setup is too complicated. It doesn't have to be however. That's one of the things I love most about it - the sheer variety of setup possibilities. It can range from simply putting a projector on a coffee table and pointing it towards a blank white wall in your family room, to elaborate dedicated setups with black velvet walls, anamorphic lenses, screen masking, you name it". Jeff Sterge

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