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How to Please Your Mac Addict
Holiday shopping guide for the Apple-crazed individuals in your life

By Jim Fisher

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There's no place like home for the holidays, or so Perry Como would have us believe. A lot of us will go around singing "there's nothing like Mac stuff for the holidays" this year. But what do you get for your favorite Mac addict this year?

Well, the obvious answer is also the expensive one. A new Mac is always appreciated, especially if hints like, "wow, I could really use a new laptop" have been dropped around the house as of late. Apple has recently upgraded their MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook computers with the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors. These notebooks also have all the bells and whistles you expect from Apple: an integrated iSight camera, wireless Ethernet and Bluetooth, iLife '06 software and a keen sense of style.

The MacBook and MacBook Pro

The MacBook is Apple's consumer-level notebook, sporting a 13.3" widescreen screen and available in white and black motifs. It's perfect for users who want an extremely portable solution. The MacBook has a big brother, appropriately dubbed the MacBook Pro. It features the aluminum case that matches the computers in Apple's pro line. Available in 15" and 17" widescreen models, the MacBook Pro also features a dedicated graphics card that is lacking in the MacBook.

Everyone has their own specific lists of needs and desires for a notebook, so it's a good idea to gauge those before jumping in and making a purchase. If you're considering buying a notebook for your Mac aficionado, find out what he or she wants from the computer.

Of course, a lot of us will be buying for someone who already has the latest and greatest computer at home. What then? You may also want to consider a new Apple LCD monitor as a gift. Apple displays are available in 20", 23" and 30" sizes with widescreen aspect ratios. They deliver a truly stunning image through a digital DVI connection.

Apple's Cinema Displays

There are also smaller, less expensive gifts to consider. While new socks are always an option, they're not really a good option. Thankfully there are some accessories available that make better stocking stuffers than, well, socks.

First up, Crumpler makes some very chic bags for laptops. Their School Hymn series is available in multiple colors for PowerBook and iBook computers and will soon also be available for the MacBook and MacBook Pro line. The bold color scheme gives the bags a retro look that is sure to have the recipient saying "Hi, I'm a Mac" to complete strangers in no time.

Apple styling meets Crumpler intensity

A wireless mouse also makes a nice gift. There are 2 wireless mice for desktops that you may want to consider. The first is the Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse. It features a Bluetooth interface, laser tracking, touch sensitive buttons and a 360 scroll ball. It can be powered by 1 or 2 AA batteries.

Some users are more comfortable with the ubiquitous "2 buttons and a scroll wheel" style mouse. MacAlly makes the BTMouse, which features that more familiar form. The BTMouse is an optical mouse with a Bluetooth interface. It comes with rechargeable batteries and a convenient desktop cradle for charging. It's very comfortable to use and matches the aesthetics of your Apple desktop.

You may want to consider an ergonomic wrist-rest and mouse pad set as well. Rain Design makes the iRest, a white gel wrist-rest with matching mouse pad. Not only does the iRest provide much-needed support while typing, it also looks good on a desk.

Picked out a gift yet? No? Ok. Have you ever noticed how often your favorite Mac user is fumbling around connecting and disconnecting cables from the computer? Most external devices, including iPods, digital cameras and PDAs, plug into a USB port, and there are only so many of those to go around. This is where USB hubs come into play. Mac users should consider the MacAlly USB 2.0 Hub and 8-in-1 Card Reader. The hub turns 1 USB port on your computer into 3 and features an integrated memory card reader. The card reader features support for all popular digital camera memory card formats.

MacAlly's USB 2.0 hub doubles as an 8-in-1 card reader

Hopefully this guide has given you a few ideas for the Mac user in your life. If you're still at a loss as to the perfect gift, browse our Apple-related categories below or feel free to contact the experts here at B&H - we'll do our best to assist you in your shopping.

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