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The Matrox RT.X2 Expansion Card
Taking Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 to the extremes

By Jim Fisher

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The Matrox RT.X2 is a PCI Express expansion card that is designed to work with the bundled Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 software. The RT.X2 allows you to work with multiple layers of SD and HD video and delivers real time effects including color correction and broadcast-quality 3D effects. You can compress analog video using a high-quality MPEG-2 4:2:2 codec and you can even mix HD and SD video on the same timeline. The card also features a DVI output to allow you to monitor your HD video at full resolution on a dedicated LCD monitor.

The card features a scalable design in that it relies on the speed of your computer’s CPU and graphics card to render video and effects. This means that you’ll want a fairly top of the line system with a powerful 3D graphics card to get the most out of this unit. Computer systems will continue to get faster and faster with every new generation which makes the RT.X2 an editing solution that grows as your computer does.

The RT.X2 offers a slew of custom visual effects. It also adds hardware acceleration to the effects that are already familiar to Premiere Pro 2.0 users. Editors will be happy to know that the card ships with a standard external breakout box for easy connections to cameras and decks for video capture and output. If you are looking to add hardware acceleration and multi-format capture to your Premiere Pro 2.0 workflow the RT.X2 is worth a look.

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