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Marantz's New Audio Recorder/Burner
The CRD310 combines hard drive and CD recording

By Josh Bernstein

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The Marantz CRD310 Portable MP3/CD Field Recorder is an innovative CD/Hard-Drive recorder that warrants a serious look by anyone who looking for a small, rugged and easy-to-use machine for location recording applications. It is an ideal solution for recording and distributing digital audio copies of press conferences, depositions, and interviews.

This versatile unit can record directly to a CD in 128-bit stereo MP3 format, allowing up to 20 hours of audio per CD. If you select the industry standard CD audio format (16-bit/44.1kHz PCM) for a higher quality recording, you can fit up to 80 minutes onto an audio CD that will be playable in all CD players. Direct recording of PCM audio to the 2GB hard drive yields much longer recording times, and burning CD copies of audio files from the internal drive is supported.

The CDR310 is equipped with a built-in condenser microphone, two independently attenuated XLR inputs with 48V phantom power and coaxial S/PDIF digital input/output. Power is provided via (8) "AA" batteries, an optional rechargeable Ni-Cad battery, or the supplied multi-voltage external power supply.

It features a programmable Track mark function that allows you to specify the time interval for markers and a handy background record function that automatically records audio to the hard drive when in "pause" mode; prompting you to either save or erase the background audio files when you disengage pause.

The Marantz CDR310 is expected to arrive soon -- visit our website now to register to be notified by email when it is in stock.

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