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Shure EA650

Price: $14.99


Add a Volume Control to your Mini Camcorder

Originally designed as an in-line volume control for 1/8” headphones, the EA650 also works quite well on the other end of the signal chain. This handy device can act as an in-line stereo microphone attenuator for videographers using camcorders without volume input controls. The ALC (Automatic Level Control) on video cameras often produces uneven audio tracks. The EA650 allows you to turn off the ALC & use the ergonomic adjustment wheel for manual control. This inexpensive problem solver is compatible with a wide range of microphones and headphones.

Wave Machine
Labs Drumagog

Price: $269.00


A unique plug-in for replacing and transforming drum tracks.

Drumagog allows you to blend-in excellent-sounding samples of drums and cymbals automatically with your prerecorded drum tracks, or fully replace them. Placed on a track in your DAW (VST & RTAS), Drumagog will detect incoming audio and trigger the sample of your choice to land exactly on time with the drum hit. It’s up to you how much of the sample you want to use, and you can shape and transform the sample to your liking with a comprehensive and intuitive set of tools. 4GB of top-notch drum samples are included, as well as a drum synth that enables you to transform an acoustic drum into an original electronic one. You can add your own samples, trigger sounds in BFD, and use MIDI to trigger and blend in an external drum machine. Mac and Windows compatible.

Furman Pluglock

Price: $40.00


Secure the Power Supplies in Your Rack

How many times have you had a pesky “wall wart” fall out of your power strip, instantly halting your session until you go digging around behind your console to plug it back in? Or, here is another frustrating scenario: You’ve filled up your whole power strip except for one last outlet. The only problem, you need to plug in a wall wart and there is not enough room to fit it, it’s too wide! You have two solutions to this little problem. First you could unplug the cord right next to the unused outlet to make room for the wall wart … or you could check out the Furman Pluglock. As the name may tell you, PlugLock is designed to lock power supplies and standard plugs firmly in place. The clamps are adjustable, and the outlets on this inexpensive power strip are spaced widely enough apart to accommodate five bulky “wall wart” transformers.

Hosa GMS-274

Price: $16.95


Add a simple On/Off Switch

There are many ways to mute a microphone or line level audio signal. You could simply disconnect the source, or use one of the dozens of footswitch-type boxes on the market. A really simple in-line solution is the Hosa GMS-274; a basic On-Off switch with a female XLR input and a Male XLR output.

JK Audio CellTap

Price: $78.95


Are you a journalist who needs to record a telephone interview?

Very often journalists and electronic media professionals need to do interviews in the field using their cell phones. Unlike standard telephones, cell phone conversations are a little trickier to record. The compact CellTap from JK Audio gives you a quick and easy way to record telephone conversations directly to your portable recorder or even directly to your computer sound card. It connects between the 2.5 mm earpiece jack of your cell phone and your earpiece, and provides a standard 3.5 mm mini jack output for your recording device. The CellTap can also be connected to a powered monitor speaker for group listening in teleconferencing applications.

On-Stage DM-50

Price: $11.95


Rock-Solid Drum Mic Mount

There are many ways to mic up a snare or rack tom on a drum kit. Using a boom stand can produce some unpredictable results, and many dedicated mounts just don’t do the trick. The On-Stage DM05 allows you to mount microphones directly on the drum’s rim. It is designed to fit drums with rims as tall as 1-3/8", and works equally well with most flanged, die-cast, and percussion rims. This sturdy mount features an adjustable 5/8"-27" threaded end that allows you to perfectly position your microphone for optimal recording results.

Sabine Phantom Mic Rider

Price: $104.95


Add a virtual audio engineer to every mic

With the introduction of the Phantom Mic Rider, Sabine has created a new way in which microphones in an installed audio system can be managed.
It’s the first phantom-powered DSP module of its kind, and installing it into a system is as simple as plugging it in between the microphone and the mixer. The device can be set to control gain, kill feedback, adjust the EQ (if the person gets too close to the mic), filter out plosive P & B sounds, and with the additional IR capability it can turn the mic off when no one is near it. (The Phantom Mic Rider is available in two configurations, one for handheld mics, and the other for Podium-style mics).

Tascam P11

Price: $139.00


Quickly create and print CD and DVD disc graphics.

The new P11 from Tascam is a fast & easy solution for creating & printing graphics & text on your CD and DVD thermal printable discs. It connects to the computer via a USB cable, and includes Windows-compatible software (not Mac compatible) for quickly creating graphics. Stop labeling your music and video masterpieces with a Sharpie. Step them up with professional, personalized graphics.



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