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Great little devices that solve big audio problems
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Hosa MIT-156
Have you ever wondered how to plug an XLR microphone into a recording device with a 1/8” miniplug input? Well look no further. The Hosa MIT-156 is a handy low- high impedance matching transformer with an XLR female input connector and a stereo 1/8" miniplug male output connector. It increases the signal level from the microphone, prevents distortion due to the DC bias typically found in camcorder microphone inputs, and allows anyone using portable recording devices, camcorders, or even computers to vastly improve their sound quality by using professional microphones. Extending the length of this inline device is easy; just add a standard XLR cable in whatever length you need between the MIT-156 and the microphone. The MIT-156 is also available in our popular kits: #AUAT897K2, #RONTG2K2, #SEME66K6K2

A handy 1/8" miniplug to XLR adapter

B&H Deluxe Lavalier Accessory Kits
Anyone who has ever worked with lavalier microphones in a production environment will tell you that you can never have enough spare windscreens or clips. These kits provide that crucial backup you will need when these easy-to-lose accessories are misplaced. Available only at B&H, these kits include: (5) assorted colored windscreens, a pair of wind muffs, dual & single lavalier clips, cable winder and a Pelican 1010 Micro Case. Three sizes are available: Small (to fit 1/8"/3mm mics), Medium (to fit 1/4"/6mm mics) and Large (3/8”/9.5mm).

Wild is the wind...

M-Audio Mobile Laptop Studio Bag
More and more musicians are using laptops for writing and producing music on the go, and protecting your gear outside of the studio is an important consideration. The M-Audio Mobile Laptop Studio Bag is a multi-purpose carrier that makes it easy to bring your studio wherever life takes you. This roadworthy bag has an ergonomic sling design that is both comfortable and attractive. It accommodates up to a 17” laptop, and holds and protects all your mobile studio essentials like: audio interfaces, controllers and even 12” vinyl. Don’t chain yourself to your home studio, grab a Mobile Laptop Studio Bag, pack up your studio, and hit the road.

Take your laptop-based studio on the road

Raxxess IDS-1
The market is flooded with countless docking station products geared towards the home entertainment market. The IDS-1 In-Rack iPod Docking Station is the world's first rack mount iPod docking station designed for professional applications and installations. It seamlessly integrates with your studio and computers, and provides Firewire, USB and audio outputs. The easy to use "push/push" system opens the docking platform to dock your iPod and easily releases the iPod when you are done. This unique mounting solution is compatible with all iPod, iPod mini and iPod nano products.

An iPod dock for pros

Auralex MoPad
No matter how good you think your mix is, you're not truly hearing what your recordings sound like until you isolate your monitors from their environment. The MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads provide sonic isolation between monitors and whatever the monitors are resting on; instantly improving the accuracy of the entire monitoring system. Even low-budget computer monitors can sound cleaner, clearer, and more articulate with a set of MoPADs. These affordable pads also allow you to properly angle your reference monitors towards your ears. (Dimensions: 12" long x 4" wide; Weight Limitations: 100 lbs)

Isolate your monitors for accuracy

M-Audio MidAir
Have you ever wanted to trigger your MIDI gear and Soft Synths remotely, without being tethered by a MIDI cable? The MidAir from M-Audio allows you to do just that; wirelessly transmit data from any device that outputs MIDI data. Just plug the battery-powered transmitter into the MIDI out port on your controller of choice and connect the receiver to the MIDI in port on the device you’d like to control, and you’re ready to go. This 4 GHz wireless device enables you to interface MIDI hardware at distances up to 30 feet with the same feel and response as a wired unit. The MidAir untangles your studio, streamlines your live rig and allows you to move your controller anywhere you need to go.

Free yourself with M-Audio's wireless MIDI unit

Remote Audio HN-7506
Location sound professionals often find themselves in very high noise environments without the proper isolation for accurate listening. Standard monitoring headphones often leave them with ringing ears, wondering what was actually being recorded. Remote Audio’s HN-7506s closed-back headphones provide extreme isolation (with over 40dBof attenuation) from the ambient noise, and reduce discomfort and fatigue with their large, oil-filled cup design. These high-noise headphones use industry standard Sony MDR-7506 drivers and provide detailed, full-range monitoring in loud environments while protecting users from hearing damage.

Sound isolation in loud environments

Ebtech Hum X
Need a safe and economical way to get rid of ground loop hum? The easy-to-use Hum X is your answer! It filters out unwanted voltage and current in the ground line that cause ground loop hum while simultaneously maintaining a solid, safe ground. You no longer have to run your audio signal through any type of filtering which can result in loss of volume, tone or both. Some devices simply remove the ground, which is never safe! Simply place the Hum X on the end of the power cord of the equipment that has a Ground Loop and plug the Hum X into any standard 15amp outlet. Ground Loop is gone and audio signal remains intact.

Ground loop be gone!

Mackie ONYX Satellite
Are you tired of tearing apart your home studio every time you need to do field recording with your laptop? Well you might want to take a look at the innovative Onyx Satellite from Mackie. Thanks to its proprietary two-piece design, it is the first recording system that lets you keep your microphones, monitors and various cables connected to a Base Station, while the ultra-portable Satellite Pod can simply be "un-docked" to go record on location with your laptop at a moment's notice. Once you've captured your music on location, simply return to the studio and "dock" the Pod back into the Base Station. This rugged interface features genuine Onyx preamps, top-notch 24-bit/96kHz A/D and D/A converters and comes bundled with Tracktion 2 software.

Increase your mobility with the versatile ONYX Satellite

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