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IK Multimedia StealthPlug
If you've been searching for a guitar cable that enables you to plug directly into the USB port of a computer, your search is over. The StealthPlug was designed to do just that. Any electric guitar or bass, or even an acoustic with a pick-up can plug directly into a computer as if you were plugging into an amp. A bundle of powerful software is included that transforms your PC or Mac into a myriad of amplifiers and effects, as well as a powerful multi-track recording studio and mastering suite, all for under $100.

Plug your axe right into the USB port of a computer

MXL iBooster
Apple computers are pioneers of innovative design, but there is one crucial ingredient that is always left out of their computers: an input for a microphone. A popular solution has been the Griffin iMic, but that device consumes a USB port. The iBooster from MXL Electronics goes into the line input of your Mac (or PC) and allows you to plug in a microphone or a guitar. It will also work with other portable devices lacking dedicated microphone inputs, a common issue with some MP3 devices and mini-disc recorders.

Add a mic input to your Mac

Rode XLR Adapter
This XLR adapter from the Australian pro audio manufacturer Rode was designed to connect 1/8" mini-plug microphones to professional XLR inputs. It's a simple solution to a simple problem, and an item that no studio or sound bag should be without. It's intended to be an accessory to Rode's popular Video Mic, but it can be used with any consumer microphone terminating in a 1/8" mini-plug pin.

Connect 1/8" mini-plug microphones to XLR inputs

SE Electronics Ghost Reflexion Acoustic Filter
People that record music, voice over dialog, and podcasts from their home studios need a product that can help reduce room ambience. The issue is that a high quality microphone used in a living room, still sounds like a living room. The Ghost Reflexion Acoustic Filter cuts out the echo and slap back of a voice or an instrument bouncing around an acoustically untreated room. It also helps focus the sound in a control room, sound booth, or a sound proofed closet. An assembly that mounts to a microphone stand is included.

Makes your room sound like a studio

Rain Recording AIRFOIL
Today's laptop computers are extremely powerful and they're a popular option for the demanding work of digital audio. The increase in processing power brings an increase in heat. The risk of damaging a computer and its precious data increase drastically with excess heat. That's why Rain Recording developed the AIRFOIL. The AIRFOIL acts as a laptop stand that improves ergonomics. Its alloy aluminum body and USB powered fans keep your computer running cool. The key is that the AIRFOIL was designed for audio production. The fans run quietly and an on/off switch is provided should you need complete silence.

Keep your cool with Airfoil's laptop stand

ART USB Phono Plus
The USB Phono Plus from ART acts as both a phono pre-amp and as an audio interface for a computer. In other words, it allows you to plug a record player into a stereo system that lacks a dedicated record player input, and, it also allows you to plug a record player into a computer's USB port enabling you to capture vinyl to a hard drive.

Bring your turntable into the digital age

BEC Vertical Mounting Box Shoe Adapter
BEC Horizontal Mounting Box Shoe Adapter

The best way to firmly mount and protect a wireless microphone receiver on a video camera is with a metallic mounting box. In the past, the only way to mount these boxes was with cumbersome brackets that could throw off the balance of a camera. BEC's new vertical and horizontal adapters allow these boxes to be securely mounted to the shoe, out of the way of hands and controls above the camera's chassis.

Mount your mic receiver to the shoe

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