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Wendt X3 Compact Field Mixer
Simplicity & durability meets top quality sound

By Sam Mallery

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In the growing field of run-and-gun video and film production, equipment must be reliable and simple to operate. While other compact mixers contain microprocessors with programmable user settings, Wendt has left them out in favor of a straight forward, cut and dry approach. Every control on the Wendt X3 Compact Field Mixer has a labeled switch, fader, or button. This simplicity has made it a long time favorite among reality television production crews. No matter who used the Wendt last, you can pick it up and go.

All of the controls necessary in a three-channel field production mixer are accessible on the exterior of the X3. Six AA batteries power the unit for a full production day of up to 15 hours. With bulletproof build quality, the X3 goes where you go boasting an operational temperature range of -20 to +70C. In more demanding shoots it can link with the larger Wendt X5 to make a full eight-channel mixer. Weighing in at just 1.9 lbs, the X3 isnít light capability. Its XLR inputs and outputs are all mic/line switchable. Panning and low cut filters are available on every channel. An external power connection and an additional 5-pin auxiliary output are accessible on the left panel. The elegant circuitry of the X3 is designed from the ground up to have a low noise floor and premium sound quality.

Get to know a Wendt X3 and you'll understand what demanding professionals have depended upon for years.

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