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Celestron's SkyScout
Identifies stars & planets
Available for Pre-Order

By Allan Weitz

Put the Universe in Your Pocket
Experienced sailors have long been able to navigate the seas by "reading" the position of the stars and planets. Celestron's new palm-sized SkyScout not only "reads" the positions of the stars and planets, but can actually tell you the name of almost any star, planet, or galaxy you point it at.
How it works
Using advanced GPS technology, the Celestron SkyScout can identify over 6,000 celestial bodies as well as output scientific, historical, and mythological information about these heavenly bodies on the SkyScouts 3" LCD screen. Even under overcast skies or bright city lights, the Celestron SkyScout can identify stars and planets by merely pointing the SkyScout skyward. If there is a planet, star, or constellation in its path, chances are you are going to learn something new about it.

View customized tours for your location
Being a real-time measuring device, the Celestron SkyScout can identify up to 20 "Best Objects" in your local sky based on the exact time, date, and where you are located. Aside from built-in Field Guides, optional SD card "Sky Tours" can be purchased to further enhance your knowledge of the night sky. As new information becomes available you can update the database of your SkyScout from the Celestron website via the SkyScout's USB port.

A Pocket Planetarium
The compact, ruggedly built Celestron SkyScout weighs in at about a pound, is powered by 2 AA batteries and backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Kicking back on a star-lit night just got a whole lot better. The Celestron SkyScout has an MSRP of $399 and is scheduled for delivery in April, 2006. We are accepting pre-orders for the SkyScout on the B&H website.

SkyScout Awards:

  • CES Best of Innovations: Personal Electronics
  • PC Magazine's Last Gadget Standing
  • Popular Mechanics Magazine
  • Newstips News Service: Best in Show

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