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B2B IT Services

B&H B2B offers a full suite of extended support and integration services for your business. From automated updates to custom installations, equipment tagging and more, our team of trained professionals go above and beyond to help you succeed.

IT Integration Services
(NYC Metro Area only)

Outsource your next IT project to B&H and free up valuable resources for business-critical and daily operations. We offer end point installation as well as deployment services so you can integrate new technology acquisitions without disruption.


Streamline your network with company-wide updates and device enrollments that are auto-synced to your management systems.


Get your equipment pre-tagged or labeled with your company information (such as phone, serial and department numbers), including custom bar code labels.

Hardware & Mobile Device

Get your gear delivered with extra memory, NICs and video cards already installed, hard drives pre-formatted and more.

Engraving & Etching

Add prestige and brand awareness to your office equipment with custom logos, company names and titles, etc.

Kitting & Accessory

Have end-to-end solutions, hardware and essential accessories delivered to your company's branch locations, remote offices and individuals.

For more details, please tell us about your project via email [email protected].

Apple Enterprise Support Solutions

Auto- Registration & Enrollment:Have your devices enrolled in Apple Business Manager (DEP) and AppleCare+, without lifting a finger.

IT Support:Rest easy with IT department-level enterprise support for Apple hardware, iOS and Mac OS as well as help desk support, with AppleCare support options.

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