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The Studio at B&H

Tech Solutions for Media Professionals

The Studio specializes in completely customized applications and installations. This is where form meets function, for real. No matter how complex your project or requirements, our experts will work with you to determine the most appropriate equipment and solutions.

The Studio Offers Solutions For:
Digital Cinema
& Streaming
Editing, Color Grading
& Post-Production
System Design
& Implementation

For more details, contact us online about your project or call 212.502.6356.

The Studio Technology Center (STC)

Building on B&H's long history of superior service, The Studio Technology Center is a unique solution-based environment dedicated to all professional media markets. Born out of a revolutionary concept, the center is a unique space where organizations of all sizes as well as high-end professionals can enjoy unparalleled access to state-of-the-art technology.

The Studio Technology Center is a fully operational studio with an extensive array of high-end products and digital workflows. The space offers special opportunities to experiment with emerging technology, find ways to innovate, test real world system configurations or simply gain knowledge through hands-on experience.

Visit us and meet our team of highly skilled applications specialists, sales engineers, project managers and account representatives, all assembled to create a formidable group of individuals, most of them active in their professional fields.

The Technology Center is open to anyone; however, we recommend reaching out to schedule an appointment.

What The Studio Can Do for You

& System Design

Unsure which kind of technology and equipment you need for your company or project? You've come to the right place.

Installation, System

The Studio offers a wide range of integration services to all market verticals of the media industry, from independent content creators to major broadcasters.


From a quick brush-up to crash intensives, Studio experts can bring your team up to speed on the latest innovations, fast.

and Seminars

Workshops and seminars are hosted in The Studio's staging area & B&H Event Space on an ongoing basis.


The Studio and its state-of-the-art Technology Center offer unmatched access to high-end technology as well as a superior level of expertise in all aspects of digital cinema, live broadcast production, post-production, emerging technologies and their related digital workflows.

Basic Testing
and Experimentation

The Studio team can boost your operation's efficiency by troubleshooting everything from components to entire systems.

For more details, contact us online about your project or call 212.502.6356.

Who Needs The Studio?

You have a big idea—and the professional cred to back it up. Whether you're a crew of ten or ten thousand, our Studio experts can provide the guidance and in-depth counseling you need to build a better "blue sky" scenario.

  • TV Networks
  • Production Companies
  • Equipment Rental Companies
  • Churches & Houses of Worship
  • Corporations
  • Media Publishers
  • News Organizations
  • Film & TV Professionals

3000+ Brands

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